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Tori Kelly Sorry Would Go A Long Way review

Sorry Would Go A Long Way is a song by singer Tori Kelly that was released on June 28, 2019, through Capitol Records. It serves as the second single from Kelly's upcoming third studio album Inspired by True Events.
Kelly opens up the first verse singing:
Don't seem to wanna hold me like you did before
We don't go out to dinner, ain't no flowers at my door
You do a lot of talking, there's a word you never say
"Sorry" would go a long way
And on the second verse:
I stayed up all night waiting, and you forgot to call
And, oh, I feel so lonely, it's like you don't care at all
Maybe it's your ego or just your foolish pride
It's like I'm not on your mind
Before moving on to the chorus with the lyrics,
You never tell me that you love me
Oh, what a mess of me you've made
It won't make it all better, won't make it okay
But "sorry" would go a long way
Then, the singer pours out her soul on the bridge with:
And after the heartache, after the hurt
Why is it so hard to say that one word
If it's really over?
Kelly continues with the final chorus singing:
You never tell me that you love me
Oh, what a mess of me you've made
No, it won't make it all better, won't make it okay
But "sorry" would go a long way
I love Sorry Would Go A Long Way by Tori. I could really hear her tell a story in her song like never before. You guys should listen to this single for yourselves and see what you think about it.
Make sure that you listen, buy or stream Sorry Would Go A Long Way:
And don't forget to pre-order and pre-save Tori's album Inspired by True Events when it drops on August 9th:

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Halsey Room 93 EP review

Room 93 is the debut extended play by singer and songwriter Halsey that was released on October 27, 2014 by Astralwerks. The project was later re-released digitally on March 9, 2015, including a new version of Halsey's hit song "Ghost".

Is There Somewhere

Is There Somewhere serves as the opening song on Room 93 as Halsey gives listeners her point-of-view on falling in love with someone.

She begins singing on the first verse with,

You were dancing in your tube socks in our hotel room,
Flashin' those eyes like highway signs
Light one up and hand it over, rest your head upon my shoulder
Just wanna feel your lips against my skin


Then Halsey continues on the second verse with,

White sheets, bright lights, crooked teeth, and the night life
You told me this is right where it begins
But your lips hang heavy underneath me
And I promised myself I wouldn't let you complete me

Lyrically, Ghost is about being in a relationship with someone who is not emotionally invested and then finally making up your mind to leave the situation as Halsey sings in the pre-chorus:
You say that you're no good for me
Cause I'm always tugging at your sleeve
And I swear "I hate you" when you leave
But I like it anyway
Before moving on to the chorus with the lyrics,
My ghost
Where'd you go?
I can't find you in the body sleeping next to me
My ghost
Where'd you go?
What happened to the soul that you used to be?
 Hurricane is described as a darkly produced track that talks about avoiding attachments both to locations and lovers.
 On the first verse, Halsey sings,
 There's a place way down in Bed-Stuy
Where a boy lives behind bricks
He's got an eye for girls of eighteen
And he turns them out like tricks
I went down to a place in Bed-Stuy
A little liquor on my lips
I let him climb inside my body
And held him captive in my kiss
And goes to the pre-chorus with,
And there's a storm you're starting now
And there's a storm you're starting now
And there's a storm you're starting
Then, the singer lets it be known on the chorus of the song with the lyrics,
I'm a wanderess
I'm a one night stand
Don't belong to no city
Don't belong to no man
I'm the violence in the pouring rain
I'm a hurricane
 Empty Gold
Empty Gold is an alternative pop song that talks about feeling both reckless and breathless. The singer begins the track on a dark note with,
I, I must confess
How hard I tried to breathe
Through the trees of loneliness
And you, you must confess
How hard you need to see
Through the heart beating out my chest
I love the pre-chorus where Halsey sings,

Feel like we've been falling down
Like these autumn leaves
But baby don't let winter come
Don't let our hearts freeze
And then continues on the chorus
Before she moves her way into the chorus with the lyrics,
If the morning light don't steal our soul
We will walk away from empty gold
Trouble (Stripped)
Trouble is the final track on Halsey's Room 93 EP. The reason why it is stripped is because the song is a demo version featuring only the singer's vocals and a piano to make it more of a sexy yet emotional ballad for listeners.
The song starts off with the lyrics,
Would you bleed for me?
Lick it off my lips like you needed me?
Would you sit me on a couch
With your fingers in my mouth?
You look so cool when you're reading me
Before Halsey continues to the pre-chorus,
Let's cause a little trouble
Oh, you make me feel so weak
I bet you kiss your knuckles

Right before they touch my cheek
And the later on the chorus,
But I've got my mind
Made up this time
'Cause there's a menace in my bed
Can you see his silhouette?
Can you see his silhouette?
Can you see his silhouette?

And I've got my mind
Made up this time
Go on and light a cigarette
Set a fire in my head
Set a fire in my head tonight
Overall, I really love Room 93 by Halsey. Every song on the project, in my opinion, took me on a journey inside the mind of Halsey from beginning to end. I would recommend this EP to anyone who have never heard of Halsey's music before.
Without further ado, make sure that you buy/stream/listen to Room 93 by Halsey on all streaming platforms available:


Saturday, June 15, 2019

Sabrina Carpenter In My Bed review

In My Bed is a song by pop singer Sabrina Carpenter that was released on June 7, 2019, through Hollywood Records. It served as the first promotional single from Singular: Act II along with the pre-order for the album.

In My Bed is an upbeat electropop song with some elements of dance pop influences. The track is about coping when life is a lot to deal with.

Sabrina makes this claim known on the first verse singing,

Little things become everything
When you wouldn't think that they would
Little things weigh so heavily
Take my energy ’til it's gone

And then continues on the pre-chorus with,

I wanna be alone
But all these emotions won't leave me alone
I’m tryin', I'm tryin', I'm tryin' to stop them
Losing all control
Hypothetically, I could let it go easy

Before the chorus changes into a very catchy synth-pop beat as Carpenter sings,

But I'm still, I'm still
I’m still, I’m still, I'm still
In my bed about it
I’m still, I'm still, I'm still
In my head about it
I'm not usually like this
I’m not usually like this
But I'm still, I'm still, I'm still
In my bed

Overall, I love In My Bed and it's also super catchy as well when you first listen to it. The meaning behind this song fits perfectly with the lyrics that Sabrina is trying to portray here.

If you're a fan of Sabrina Carpenter, then make sure that you go and stream her song In My Bed on all streaming platforms everywhere.

Also, pre-order or save Singular: Act II when it drops on July 19th:

You can also watch the visualizer video for "In My Bed" below:

Friday, June 14, 2019

Ginesse "The Inbetween" review

The Inbetween is the third single by singer Ginesse that was released on May 24, 2019, through CatBeach Music. 

Lyrically, The InBetween is alternative pop song that talks about a period between being friends with someone before it becomes something more. 

Ginesse makes that known in the second verse singing,

We’ve been hanging out
Feels like you’re right on my couch
I don’t wanna f**k it up
Rather move nowhere than lose it all

Before moving to the pre-chorus with,

Rip out the tape
Pause and replay, replay me
(Pause and replay, replay me)

Then on the chorus, the singer finds herself wanting to take her relationship with her friend to the next level with the lyrics,

Traffic inside my head
I want you in my bed
But if we don’t make it there
I don’t really care

When I can feel you near
The weight of it disappears
So if we don’t make it there
I don’t really care

I love The InBetween by Ginesse and is probably, in my opinion, one of her best songs to date. It's sweet, but at the same time, though, very upbeat as well. Along with the single, she also released the music video on the same day.

Marguerite Derricks choreographed the whole dance for the video and then Ginesse and company decided to shoot the video in one long shot. Now that, my friends, is absolutely amazing. 

Make sure that you listen/stream The InBetween on YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music:

Taylor Swift You Need to Calm Down review

You Need to Calm Down is a song by singer Taylor Swift that was released on June 14, 2019, through Republic Records. It also serves as the second single from Swift's upcoming seventh studio album titled Lover.

The song finds Swift addressing various detractors who post hurtful comments online while also talking about things like self-love and being true to one's identity, which is the same theme that she used on her previous single ME!

Taylor opens up the first verse singing,

You are somebody that I don't know
But you're taking shots at me like it's Patrón
And I'm just like, "Damn
It's 7 a.m."

Say it in the street, that's a knock-out
But you say it in a tweet, that's a cop-out
And I'm just like, "Hey
Are you okay?"

Then on the pre-chorus, Swift made a reference to her 2017 feud with Kanye West and his wife Kim Kardashian singing,

And I ain't trying to mess with your self-expression
But I've learned the lesson
That stressing and obsessing
'Bout somebody else is no fun
And snakes and stones never broke my bones

Before telling off all of the haters on the chorus with,

You need to calm down
You're being too loud
And I'm just like oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh (Oh)
You need to just stop
Like, can you just not step on my gown?
You need to calm down

On the second verse of You Need To Calm Down, Taylor continues to show her support for the LGBTQ+ community with the lyrics,

Why are you mad
When you could be GLAAD?
(You could be GLAAD)

Sunshine on the street at the parade
But you would rather be in the dark ages
Making that sign
Must've taken all night

You Need To Calm Down is the uplifting LGBTQ+ anthem that you need in your lives right now. I really love the message behind the song. In my opinion, this is the best song that Taylor has released from the Lover era.

Make sure that you go and listen to You Need To Calm Down on all streaming platforms:

And don't forget to pre-order Taylor's album Lover on Google Play, Apple Music, Spotify and more when it comes on August 23rd.

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Review of QuirkCon 2019

 Me and NerdGirlMax™ were so excited to attend the inaugural year of QuirkCon almost two weeks ago. QuirkCon is a conference where nerds, gamers and quirky people can come together and enjoy a weekend of anime, cosplay, gaming, k-pop, fandom and so much more.

The event was located in Durham, North Carolina and it lasted between May 31st to June 2nd. There was an opening party featured DJ Awesomus Prime that lasted from 7pm to 10pm.

On Saturday, we went to a panel called Diary Of An Alt Black Girl with Neka Wright and Drew Disaster at 3:30pm on the Main Stage.

Drew told the audience a little bit more about herself. From her personal life and her struggles with anxiety to how she was inspired by other YouTubers to make videos about beauty, style and more.
I even had the privilege to ask her how long has she been posting videos on Youtube and she answered, "In May of this year, I have been posting videos on Youtube for 10 years now".

Then afterwards,  A Chat with Miles Jai, Hippy Potter and Devdoee started at 4pm.


Each one of the guys introduced themselves to the audience and talked about their careers and even their personal lives. Miles Jai talked about his life as a gay man and being a part of the community. Then, we learned that Devdoee is going to be in season two of the FX show Pose. And, Hippy Potter was once featured in Teen Vogue and People Magazine. So, I am very proud of all these guys accomplishments that they had achieved this year.

At 5, Adorned by Chi hosted a Pretty Girls Like Anime panel that featured Black Girls Anime, Cocoa Chronicles, L.A.N. Party and Destiny Senpai.

They held a short Q&A session with the panel and the audience. Along with that, there was a quiz to test everyone's knowledge on anime and the characters from the Adorned by Chi manga.

After Pretty Girls Like Anime was over with it, they switched over to a Girl Gamers Happy Hour featuring L.A.N. Party.

We all played a Jeopardy game that featured different categories like video games, anime and more.

We also attended the 1st Annual Cosplayer Awards hosted by Miles Jai. The awards ceremony was originally supposed to start at 7:30pm, but instead it started at 8:30pm. Plus, they were a little bit disorganized when it came to announcing the nominees and the winners.

We went to an Anime & Trap Music Party with DJ Awesomus Prime at 10pm. Afterwards, the Unicorn Lounge hosted a Late Night Cereal & Cartoons for everyone at 12am.

On Sunday, we went to buy a Quirk It Out from Toni Johnson who has online shop called FRC. On the main stage, She Saves The Day panel was going forth with guest speakers CC The Geek, Neka Wright, Jay Cosplay from the Urban Anime Lounge, Charlie Rocket and Talynn Kel.

I really loved what Jay said about there is nothing wrong with making mistakes and how Charlie mentioned that you should stop comparing yourself to others. That was inspiring for me as a person to hear. 

In the Unicorn Lounge, a K-Pop dance contest was getting ready to start and I decided to participate in the contest where I won in third place. I also got a signed by DJ Dante.

From 5pm to 7pm, the Party Activation Room had a closing party featuring DJ Gemynii. Before we left the party, I met Miles Jai for the first time!! He was super nice to me and I even got the chance to take picture with him.

Overall, QuirkCon was such an empowering experience because I had a chance to meet so many nice and also down to earth people who were just like me. Some of them were quirky and fun while others talked about subjects like the LGBTQ community, diversity, and even mental health.

 CC The Greek did an excellent job with creating and hosting such an awesome conference like QuirkCon for people like me. I absolutely can't wait for QuirkCon 2020.

 You can follow all of these wonderful people on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and more.

Drew Disaster:

Miles Jai:

Neka Wright:

Hippy Potter:


CC The Geek:

Charlie Rocket:

Jay Wright:

Talynn Kel:

DJ Awesomus Prime:

Toni Johnson:

Also, make sure that you go and check out Adorned By Chi's website. They have some really awesome on their page from manga books to makeup pouches and so much more.

And let's not forget Black Girls Anime as well:

One more thing. If you're into listening to podcasts like me, then you're gonna want to check out L.A.N. Party and Cocoa Chronicles' podcast while you're at it.

Cocoa Chronicles:

L.A.N. Party:

Update: After a successful '19 run, Quirkcon has just announced their 2020 ticket presale today for next year's conference today!!
Go to for more information and get your early bird tickets for only $35.
Trust me, my friends, you do not want to miss out on an opportunity like this again.

Tori Kelly Sorry Would Go A Long Way review

  Sorry Would Go A Long Way is a song by singer Tori Kelly that was released on June 28, 2019, through Capitol Records. It serves as th...