Friday, August 21, 2020

Summer Walker - Session 32 review

Session 32 is a song by Atlanta singer-songwriter Summer Walker that was released on April 4, 2018. 

This raw acoustic track finds Walker confronting an ex-boyfriend who has failed to show his unconditional love to her.

Summer begins to open up the song singing:

Threw away your love lettersI thought it'd make me feel betterI finally got you out my bedBut I still can't get you out my head, ooh

Summer continues to let her former lover have it on the chorus with the lyrics:

And I need you to knowYou don't know what love isAnd I need you to know, you don't know

Before ending the song with these heart-wrenching lines as she sings:

I swear you never seen it in your lifeI swear you never seen it in your life

First at all, I absolutely love this song by Summer Walker. Like, I play Session 32 on repeat and it never gets old. The only problem that I have it is that I wish that it was longer. I really wanted to hear more from Summer. But overall, I love the lyrics, production and the meaning behind this beautifully written track.

I had first saw Summer performing Session 32 at the 2020 BET Awards. You can watch her full performance below in case you missed it:

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Monday, July 6, 2020

Kira Kosarin - FaceTime review

FaceTime is a song by singer-songwriter Kira Kosarin that was released on June 24, 2020. It is the fourth and final single from the singer's upcoming EP Songbird.

FaceTime is described as a love song that talks about falling head over heels for someone after meeting them on the app of the same name.

Kira kick things off on the first verse with the lyrics:

I can't remember what I said last nightBut there had a reason whyI called youHad to talk to youI can't remember what was on my mind

Now, the singer finding herself having second thoughts about everything that she told this person on FaceTime on the chorus singing:

I spilled my heart on a FaceTimeWish I didn't though to tell you the truth'Cause now there's no more playing it cool

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Friday, July 3, 2020

Kira Kosarin - Loving You Silently review

Loving You Silently is a song by singer and actress Kira Kosarin that was released on June 3, 2020. It serves as the third single from Kosarin's upcoming project Songbird.

Lyrically, the song is about Kira dealing with a breakup and reminiscing about how she will always carry a part of her former lover on the inside of me despite the pain that he has caused her.

Kosarin opens up on the first verse with:

You always said I'd break your heart (one day, one day)Ain't it funny how the roles reversed?I should've known it from the start (no way, no way)I was never gonna put me first

Then, the singer starts to show her vulnerable side singing on the pre-chorus:

 No use in holding you from afarIf I'll just be opening other scarsIf missing means hellThen there isn't much else I can do

There is a part of Kira that still loves her ex-boyfriend and wishes that they could've made their relationship work as she sings on the chorus:

So I'll go on, loving you silentlyYou're not the one but you're still a part of meWe never won, and never even really got to try

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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

KIra Kosarin - Something to Look Forward To review

Something to Look Forward To is a song by singer Kira Kosarin that was released on May 14, 2020 through AWAL. It is the second single for Kosarin's upcoming EP Songbird.

Something to Look Forward To is an emotional pop song that finds the singer being in dark place in her life and she really needs something to look forward to so that she doesn't have to feel sad anymore.

Kosarin sings on the first verse:

I don’t wanna be sad again todayI don’t wanna rain on your paradeI’m tired of tears feels likeI’ve been crying for years

Then Kira continues on the chorus with the lyrics:

Something to Look Forward ToSomething to Look Forward ToOoh, oohI really needSomething to Look Forward ToSomething to Look Forward ToOoh, ooh

I love how Kira is showing us her vulnerable side in "Something to Look Forward To" through the lyrics and production of this song with her mesmerizing vocals.

This is definitely one of my favorite tracks from the Songbird era along "First Love Never Lasts". Thank you so much Kira for blessing us with this beautiful masterpiece. 

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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Kira Kosarin - First Love Never Lasts review

First Love Never Lasts is a song by singer Kira Kosarin that was released on April 20, 2020 through AWAL. It serves as the lead single for Kosarin's upcoming extended play Songbird.

Lyrically, First Love Never Lasts is a guitar driven track that talks Kira about trying to replace a memory of a previous relationship with her ex lover by dating another person. But then, she later realizes that it's doesn't work.

Kosarin starts off on the first verse with:

Yeah, I got a new boy who looks like youDark brown hair with a cool tattoo he's gotGreen eyes that fade to blueI tell him that I love him but I know it ain't true

The singer is tired of pretending her feelings with her new partner singing on the pre-chorus:

Why do we act like this works?Are we just making it worse?

On the chorus, Kira learns to be grateful for the moments that she had with her former boyfriend and accept the fact that it will always exist with the lyrics:

I wanted to be your first and lastBut baby that first love never lastsAre we so wrapped up in the memory?Are we both okay? We pretend to be...It was only perfect in the pastCuz a first love never lasts

Kira Kosarin never fails to disappoint me with her new music. I love the beautiful meaning, the lyrics and production for "First Love Never Lasts". 

It's such an original yet authentic song by her and I could listen to it on repeat if I wanted. She is definitely the underrated artist that you do not want to sleep on, ladies and gentlemen.

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Marshmello & Halsey - Be Kind review

Be Kind is a song by producer Marshello and singer Halsey. It was released as a single on May 1, 2020 through Joytime Collective, Astralwerks, and Capitol Records.

Be Kind is an emotional EDM song that finds Mello and Halsey exploring through trust issues with a significant other in a relationship and that there's nothing wrong with being expressing yourself towards the one that you love.

Hal opens up the first verse with:

 Wanna believe, wanna believeThat you don't have a bad bone in your body
But the bruises on your ego make you go wild, wild, wild, yeah

The singer can be heard reassuring the man that she will be there to support him on the pre-chorus with the lyrics:

I know you're chokin' on your fearsAlready told you I'm right hereI will stay by your side every night

On the chorus, Halsey is reinforcing the listeners that it's okay to be vulnerable with someone that you adore singing:

When you know you can cry to the oneAlways confide in the oneYou can be kind to the one that you love

I think that Be Kind is one of my favorite songs so far in 2020 by Halsey and Marshmello. I started to get this 80s summer inspired vibe to the track when I had first listened to it. 

If you are trying to find some songs to listen to during quarantine, then you should definitely add "Be Kind" to your playlist right now.

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Ariana Grande & Justin Bieber - Stuck with U review

Stuck With U (stylized as Stuck with U) is a song by singers Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber that was released as a charity single on May 8, 2020 through Def Jam Recordings and Republic Records.

All of the sales and streams from this track will be donated to the First Responders Children's Foundation. The money will fund for scholarships for children of frontline workers whose lives have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Stuck with U is described as a "50s-influenced retro pop ballad" that contain R&B and doo wop music elements within the song. It is a romantic song that talks about being grateful to spend some time with a loved one.

On the first verse, Grande sings to her lover:

I'm not one to stick aroundOne strike and you're out, babyDon't care if I sound crazyBut you never let me down, no, no

Then, Ariana continues on the chorus with:

So, lock the door and throw out the keyCan't fight this no more, it's just you and meAnd there's nothin' I, nothin' I, I can doI'm stuck with you, stuck with you, stuck with you

Bieber appears on the second verse of the song with the lyrics:

There's nowhere we need to be, no, no, noI'ma get to know you betterKinda hope we're here forever

Before him and Ari come together with their verse on the chorus singing:

 So, go ahead and drive me insaneBaby, run your mouth, I still wouldn't change
Being stuck with you, stuck with you, stuck with youI'm stuck with you, stuck with you, stuck with you

I absolutely love this song by Justin and Ariana. I have always wanted a collaboration between these two talented artists.  The lyric and the smooth production on this track is flawless.

 And you can also dance to this song with your partner especially while we're all going through a difficult time right now. Music is meant to heal us. And that's what it's going to continue to do until this is all over with.

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Summer Walker - Session 32 review

Session 32 is a song by Atlanta singer-songwriter Summer Walker that was released on April 4, 2018.  This raw acoustic track finds Wa...