Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Taylor Swift "Only The Young" review

Only The Young is a song by pop singer Taylor Swift that was released on January 31, 2020 alongside her Netflix documentary titled "Taylor Swift: Miss Americana".

Only The Young is a political anthem that encourages teenagers and young adult to use their voices in what they believe in. 

Taylor can also be heard making a reference to Donald Trump and 2016 U.S. election on the first verse with the lyrics:

You did all that you could do
The game was rigged, the ref got tricked
The wrong ones think they’re right
You were outnumbered this time

 Before she later calls out the controversial president as the "big bad man" on the second verse singing:

And the big bad man and his big bad clan
Their hands are stained with red
Oh, how quickly they forget

 Then Swift continues on the chorus while being accompanied by a kids choir as she sings:

Only one thing can save us
Only the young (Only the young; Don't say you're too tired to fight)
Only the young (Only the young; It's just a matter of time)
Only the young (Only the young; Up there's the finish line)
Only the young
Can run

I love that Taylor Swift is getting political in her music especially with this song "Only The Young". The message behind this track is so amazing and I think that young people, like myself, should use their voices to really fight for what's right.

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Monday, February 3, 2020

Justin Bieber "Get Me" featuring Kehlani review

Get Me is a song by singers Justin Bieber and Kehlani that was released on January 28, 2020. It serves as a promotional single for Bieber's upcoming fifth studio album Changes.
On the track, the two artists talk about a call-and-response format to each other about their figurative relationship.
Bieber sings:

See, you're lookin' beyond the surface
Can tell by the questions you're asking
You got me low-key nervous
It feels like we're on the same wave, yeah

Then Justin starts to unleash his sensual side on the pre-chorus with:

Oh, you don't compare, don't fit in with 'em, do you get me?
Judgin' by the way you open up, you get me
Ooh, out of this world, hands on, baby, now you send me
Lookin' at the way we're blendin' in, you get me

Before the Canadian crooner continues on the chorus with the lyrics:

High, high, high, you get me
High, high, high, you get me

On the second verse, Kehlani makes a play on the meaning of period in chemistry and semantics singing:

Ooh, there's so much chemistry
Like a chemist, how you finishin' my sentences
In the center, no, we can't deny the synergy
How 'bout reapin' all the benefits? Yeah

I really like how Justin is still staying true to with that same R&B feel with "Get Me". And I especially loved Kehlani's part on this song and how her and Bieber's voice kind of blend together towards the end of this song.
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Saturday, February 1, 2020

H.E.R. "Sometimes" review

Sometimes is a song by singer and songwriter H.E.R. that was released on January 26, 2020 through RCA Records. The R&B singer first performed this song live at 62nd Annual Grammy Awards. The single is rumored to be on the singer's upcoming debut album.
Lyrically, Sometimes is a mellow track that talks about life's ups and downs and the many things that can be thrown in our way. While also, trying to figure it all out in the process.
H.E.R. sings:

I had a plan, I had it mapped out
I knew where I was going when I left out
Oh, you couldn't tell me that I wouldn't be there on time
I had some guarantees, I had a deadline

 Then, she continues on the chorus with the lyrics:

'Cause sometimes s*** don't go your way, sometimes
And sometimes you gon' have those days, yeah
And sometimes you'll feel out of place
You can't promise me it'll be the same
'Cause sometimes change (Yeah, yeah)

 I just love the piano and the guitar playing in the background song. And the lyrics for "Sometimes" are so relatable to anyone who is dealing with challenges in their lives right now.
H.E.R. never seems to disappoint us whenever she drops a new track. I can't wait to hear more from the singer as we wait for her to release her debut album.
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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Pendulum - The Island (Madeon Remix) review

The Island is a song by Australian drum and bass band Pendulum that was released on September 19, 2010. It served as the third single for their third studio album Immersion.
The Island is a song that is spilt into two parts, which are "Dawn" and "Dusk".
Pendulum also held a remix competition to promote their single where they released a free pack of remix stems taken from the "Dawn" part of the song.
French music producer Madeon produced his own verison of "The Island" and posted it on SoundCloud and YouTube on October 13, 2010. He ultimately won the remix competition when he was just 16 years old.
Madeon describes his remix of the track on his YouTube channel as a "synth micro-cuts with chip arcs, a vocal morphing into a dubstep wobble and other weird stuff."
Pendulum sings on the first verse:

You arrive in the rising sun
The hidden passenger that I've been taking
Close your eyes, let's forget again
As you drag me down, I will take you in

Then they continues on the chorus by telling the story about how two young lovers overcame adversity with the lyrics:

When everything is said and done
So looking for answers if only one
Turn my back, the urge has gone
Left with no reason, we come undone

And throughout the whole song, you can hear the French producer working his magic by bringing that upbeat vibe to this track using aggressive drum beats and so much more.
I love this remix by Madeon. The dubstep wobble, the vocal morphing and everything in between is what makes this song sound out of this world.
 Whenever I listen to this song, it either makes me feel bubbly inside or like I want to get up out of my chair and start dancing all over the place. I am so thankful that my good friend sent me this hidden gem that I had no idea even existed. Until now.
Listen to Pendulum - The Island (Madeon Remix) on YouTube and SoundCloud now:

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Halsey Manic album review

Manic is the third studio album by singer-songwriter Halsey that was released on January 17, 2020. It serves as a follow-up to 2017's Hopeless fountain kingdom. Originally, Manic was supposed to be an angry and rebellious album, but after writing the song "Nightmare", Halsey found herself wanting to make a very "calm and introspective" record instead.

Ashley serves as the opening track for Manic. This is the first time that Halsey is showing us the real her without playing the role of any character.
The singer begins to take her fans on a different journey into a new era on the album singing:

Took my heart and sold it out to a vision that I wrote myself
And I don't wanna be somebody in America just fighting the hysteria
I only wanna die some days

On the chorus, Ashley refers to the day when she is no longer alive. And that the dust will be the only thing that her fans will remember by with the lyrics:

Someday, someday, when I burst into flames
I'll leave you the dust, my love

Before the song ends, you can hear an audio recording taken from the 2004 movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind as Kate Winslet speaks:

Too many guys think I'm a concept, or
I complete them, or I'm gonna make them alive
I'm just a fucked up girl who's lookin' for my own peace of mind
Don't assign me yours


 On "clementine", Halsey is building her own personality and also channeling her vulnerable side as well. Ironically, the song title was inspired by the name of Winslet's character from the same movie that the singer played an audio recording of on the previous track "Ashley".
She sings on the first verse:

I'd like to tell you that my sky's not blue, it's violent rain
And in my world, the people on the street don't know my name
In my world, I'm seven feet tall
And the boys always call, and the girls do too

Then, Halsey makes mention of her bipolar disorder, which is something that she has been very open about, on the chorus with the lyrics:

'Cause I don't need anyone
I don't need anyone
I just need everyone and then some
I don't need anyone
I don't need anyone
I just need everyone and then some

Graveyard talks about loving someone who is in a bad place. And loving them so much without realizing that you're going into that same dark road with them.
Halsey starts things off slow on the first verse singing:

It's crazy when
The thing you love the most is the detriment
Let that sink in

 Before the beat of the song changes into a very catchy chorus with the lyrics:

Oh, 'cause I keep diggin' myself down deeper
I won't stop 'til I get where you are
I keep running when both my feet hurt
I won't stop 'til I get where you are
Oh, when you go down all your darkest roads
I woulda followed all the way to the graveyard


You should be sad

You should be sad is a country inspired song that finds the singer throwing shade at her former lover. She sings:

No, you're not half the man you think that you are
And you can't fill the hole inside of you with money, drugs, and cars
I'm so glad I never ever had a baby with you

Halsey admits that she tried her best to help her ex-boyfriend. But in the end, she is also glad that she got out of that relationship on the chorus with the lyrics:

Oh, I feel so sorry, I feel so sad
I tried to help you, it just made you mad
And I had no warning about who you are
I'm just glad I made it out without breaking down
And then ran so f****** far
That you would never ever touch me again


Forever … (is a long time)

Forever ... (is a long time) showcases the journey of falling in love and then later sabotaging it with your own paranoia or insecurities.
The song begins with in a major key on the intro as Halsey sings:

I spent a long time watering a plant made out of plastic
And I cursed the ground for growing green
I spent a long time substituting honest with sarcastic
And I cursed my tongue for being mean

Before transitioning to minor where the singer paints a picture of what happens in her life once she starts getting in her head with the lyrics:

Would cower at this small brunette
To my surprise, not six feet high
Who'd reach and grab the moon if I
Should ask or just imply
That I wanted a bit more light
So I could look inside his eyes
And get the colors just right

Then the piano starts fading out a little bit towards the end while Halsey expresses her disbelief in love saying:

'Cause I could never hold a perfect thing and not demolish it
What am I thinking? What does this mean?
How could somebody ever love me?
Talk to your man, tell him he's got bad news comin'


Dominic's Interlude featuring Dominic Fike
 Dominic's Interlude serves as one of the three interludes on Halsey's third studio album. It features vocal from Los Angeles singer Dominic Fike.
The song is about brotherly love and represents the different relationships that Halsey has been in as Dom sings on the first verse:

Your eyes are drawn to the wine list (Wine, baby, baby)
The usual, the towers in your world are sinkin'
And if you're lookin' for signs then, you should know (Ooh)
There's power in the words you're thinkin'

He also interpolates the outro lyrics from the previous track "Forever ... (is a long time) on the chorus with:

Talk to your man
Tell him he got bad news comin' (Yeah)

I HATE EVERYBODY is the singer's first track to be stylized in all uppercase. The song is about Halsey being young and letting her second thoughts get the best of her.
She sings:

I'm my own biggest enemy
Yeah, all my empathy's a disaster
Feelin' somethin' like a scaly thing
Wrapped too tightly 'round my own master

Then Halsey talks about how could she fall in love with somebody who doesn't love her back on the chorus with the lyrics:

So I'll just hate everybody
Well, then why can't I go home without somebody?
And really, I could fall in love with anybody who don't want me
So I just keep sayin' I hate everybody



3am comes right after the preceding song "I HATE EVERYBODY". The singer talks about how drinking has affected with her mental health while also calling all of her friends early in the morning just to feel loved.
She sings on the first verse:

Think I took it way too far
And I'm stumblin' drunk, getting in a car
My insecurities are hurtin' me
Someone please come and flirt with me

 Then, Halsey continues on the chorus about how she doesn't want to be alone after a long night out with the lyrics:

'Cause it's 3 AM
And I'm callin' everybody that I know
And here we go again
While I'm runnin' through the numbers in my phone
And yeah, I'll take fake moans and dial tones
Let 'em spill right down the microphone
I need it digital 'cause, baby, when it's physical
I end up alone

 Halsey then closes out the track with a voicemail from singer John Mayer before it goes into the next song "Without Me". He talks about the song's success saying:

Your, your best song is a song that's currently on the radio
How many people can say that?
That their best song is the one that's currently about to be a massive hit?
It's already a hit, it's just gonna get more massive
How many people can say it? Not very many

Without Me

 On "Without Me", Halsey tackles on a breakup from a public relationship with her ex-boyfriend, possibly referring to G-Eazy, after she was cheated on in front of the entire world.
The singer begins to let it all of her feelings out on the pre-chorus with:

I said I'd catch you if you fall (Fall)
And if they laugh, then f*** 'em all (All)
And then I got you off your knees
Put you right back on your feet
Just so you could take advantage of me

On the heartbreaking chorus, Halsey sings:

Thinkin' you could live without me
Thinkin' you could live without me
Baby, I'm the one who put you up there
I don't know why (Yeah, I don't know why)


Finally // beautiful stranger
Finally // beautiful stranger is an acoustic love song that tells the story on how Halsey met her future boyfriend YUNGBLUD. The pair had split up in September 2019, three months before the song was released.
Halsey sings on the first verse:

Your eyes, so crisp, so green
Sour apple baby, but you taste so sweet
You got hips like Jagger and two left feet
And I wonder if you'd like to meet

Then later on the chorus, you can hear the singer falling in love with this handsome guy with the lyrics:

Beautiful stranger, here you are in my arms and I know
That beautiful strangers only come along to do me wrong
And I hope, beautiful stranger, here you are in my arms
But I think it's finally, finally, finally, finally, finally safe
For me to fall

Alanis' Interlude featuring Alanis Morissette
The singer taps Alanis Morissette for this bisexual anthem that talks about loving women and also representing sexual and professional empowerment.
On the chorus, the singers do a classic spin on John Mayer's 2002 hit song "Your Body Is A Wonderland" singing:

'Cause your p**** is a wonderland
And I could be a better man
It doesn't matter to me

Then, Halsey makes mention of hooking up with a female counselor when she was 16 years old at a summer camp with the lyrics:

And my girl, she always wore a skirt in the classroom
Eatin' my dessert in the bathroom
Can't get caught, so we stiller than a statue

With a little help from Alanis, Halsey is sick of all of the labels when it comes to her bisexuality on the post-chorus with:

'Cause he is she is her
And her and he are love
And I have never felt the difference
'Cause he is she is her
And her and he are love
Tirin' all these labels

killing boys
killing boys is about how a woman should be strong and independent after a breakup. The intro interpolates voices by Amanda Seyfried & Megan Fox from the 2009 horror film "Jennifer's Body" with them saying:

You're killing people
No, I'm killing boys
Boys are just placeholders, they come and they go
You're my best friend, and I wanna help you
But I won't let you kill again
That's a lose-lose

 Then, Halsey comes in on the first verse singing:

Told me pick my battles and be pickin' 'em wise
But I wanna pick 'em all and I don't wanna decide
No more, no more, anymore

The singer can be heard on the chorus making it very clear that she wants nothing to do with her ex. While also, seeking for revenge in return on him with the lyrics:

And I won't ever try again
And all I want in return is revenge
'Cause I don't need you anymore, woah
So where do you go?


SUGA's Interlude featuring Suga of BTS

This dreamy like track tells the story from both Halsey and Suga's point of view about falling in and out of love with music.

Halsey begins to open up the intro singing:

I've been trying all my life
To separate the time
In between the having it all
And giving it up, yeah

Then, Suga discusses the challenges of being a musician on the English translation lyrics rapping:

Ayy, this wandering, with only blueness inside my head
Self-loathing and pride live in my heart
I was full of dreams, then I grew and made all of it come true
Yet keeping dreams as dreams would be better
I thought, while living at the same time
May my leap not be a fall




More has been described as the singer's most personal song with her talking about the loss of her unborn child. 

Halsey sings:

Lyin' awake, and I stare at the door
I just can't take it no more
They told me it's useless, there's no hope in store

After confessing her trials and tribulations from having a miscarriage, the singer finds herself showing increased for her future child on the chorus with the lyrics:

I want you more
Somehow, I just want you more
I want you more
Somehow, I just want you more

Still Learning

On "Still Learning", the singer is having a hard time with loving herself despite achieving so much success with her music.

Halsey highlights her lack of self-esteem on the first verse singing:

I should be living the dream

But I'm livin' with a security team

And that ain't gonna change, no

I got a paranoia in me

Then, she continues to bare her vulnerable side on the chorus with the lyrics:

But I'm still learning to love myself
(To love my–, to love my–, to love my–)
I'm still learning to love myself


929 is the closing song on Manic. The title of the track takes its name from Halsey's birthday, which is September 29, 1994. 
She starts off the track with a spoken intro saying:

I really was born at 9:29 AM on 9/29
You think I'm lying, but I'm, I'm being dead serious
Okay, I'll prove it

Then, Halsey begins to talk about her humble beginnings with the lyrics:

Well, who am I? I'm almost 25
Can't remember half the time that I've been alive
'Cause half was in a cheap apartment
And half was on the Eastside

It appears that the singer could be taking another dig at her ex G-Eazy by referring to a collaboration that was supposed to be on the rapper's "B-Sides" EP singing:

They said don't meet your heroes, they're all f*****' weirdos
And God knows that they were right
Because nobody loves you, they just try to f*** you
Then put you on a feature on the B-Side

I have been a huge fan of Halsey's music since May 2019. And yet, when I listened to the whole Manic album from beginning to end, I saw the singer's different perspective on things as Ashley and not as Halsey.
The way that the New Jersey superstar took on confessional pop for her third studio album without holding anything back is absolutely breathtaking. She definitely didn't disappoint fans with Manic along with its many genres like hip-hop, country and alternative rock music.
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Demi Lovato "Anyone" review

Demi Lovato is back with a brand new song titled "Anyone". The track was released as a single on January 26, 2020 through Hollywood and Island Records. The song will also be featured on Lovato's upcoming seventh studio album.
Demi first performed "Anyone" live on the 62nd Grammy Awards last night. You can watch the full emotional performance by the singer here:
Lovato wrote and recorded "Anyone" on July 20, 2018 in Montana, four days before she suffered a drug overdose.
The singer first revealed the title of the song during an interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music's New Music Daily on January 24, 2020. You can watch the interview here:
Anyone is a piano ballad that talks about Demi's personal struggles and also wanting someone to be there through all of the tough times with her.
She sings on the first verse:

I tried to talk to my piano
I tried to talk to my guitar
Talk to my imagination
Confided into alcohol

Then, Demi mentions that nobody is listening to her cries for help on the pre-chorus with:

A hundred million stories
And a hundred million songs
I feel stupid when I sing
Nobody's listening to me
Nobody's listening

Lovato can be heard letting out all of her feelings on the chorus with the lyrics:

Anyone, please send me anyone
Lord, is there anyone?
I need someone, oh
Anyone, please send me anyone
Lord, is there anyone?
I need someone

I have to say that Anyone is Demi Lovato's most vulnerable song to date. In 2011, the singer released her comeback single "Skyscraper" to start off the new era for her third studio album Unbroken. That was almost nine years ago.
For Demi to be able to come back in the spotlight and to also share her story with her fans, it just absolutely amazing. I am declaring that 2020 will be the year of Demi Lovato. And I can't wait for her to release more music in the following months.
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Thursday, January 16, 2020

Halsey - Road To Manic (Episode 1) review

With only one day left until Halsey's third studio album Manic is out, I wanted to introduce you all to the singer's new web series called Road To Manic. The series is available on Halsey's official  YouTube channel with new episodes being added every Thursday.

The first episode was released on November 7, 2019. The video begins with an instrumental version of the singer's third single "clementine". Then, you can see Halsey talking about how excited she is to release Manic but she has some things to do first before her album drops.

In the next scene, we see the singer traveling to Stockholm, Sweden and rehearsing for her performance on Swedish Idol. She can also be seen giving some encouraging words to some contestants on the show as Halsey says to them:

"Don't be nervous. Just have fun. And just know that you're doing what you are supposed to be doing. Be confident in that fact."

After she is finished with Swedish Idol, Halsey flies to Seville, Spain for the 2019 MTV Europe Music Awards to sing her hit song "Graveyard".

Before the video ends, Ashley starts talking about what her album will be.

"You heard my album called Manic. And you think that it's going to be like super sad and dark. And it's not. It's like really colorful. Like kinda of funny sometimes. It's scary because it's so much of me. So when people don't like it I feel like they don't like me."

I love that Halsey is doing a web series that not only documents her life around the world, but we also get to hear her talk more about the creative process with her album.

Watch the first episode of Road To Manic for yourself on YouTube now:



Taylor Swift "Only The Young" review

Only The Young is a song by pop singer Taylor Swift that was released on January 31, 2020 alongside her Netflix documentary titled &quo...