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Tinashe "Reverie" review

Reverie is the second mixtape by singer Tinashe that was released on September 6, 2012. It was recorded in a home recording studio in her bedroom. Reverie is very different from Tinashe's first mixtape In Case We Die (2012). Musically, it does have the same PBR&B and alternative hip hop sound from In Case We Die, but instead touches on new genres like electronica, indie pop, glitch hop, post-dubstep and alternative rock music. 

Fear Not serves as the opening song for Reverie. It starts off with a sermon from Brian Houghston, the senior pastor of Hillsong Church. The song is about encouraging the whole world to wake up with the lyrics, "Tryna to live my life/ Working for a cause/ Chasing my ambitions/ Giving it my all/ How you supposed to lift your own feet off the ground/ When the whole world tryin' to bring you down?/ When the whole world tryin' to bring you down", and then she tell her listeners, "Just prepare cause I'm about to get the whole world on their feet/ No matter what you do, I'm not afraid of you/ My soul belongs to me/ Fear not, I got you, always/ Fear not, my love/ Fear not, my love, I got you".

Stargazing is about Tinashe wishing to get the attention of a guy singing, "I'm still wishing on a star/ Hope that you will feel me wherever you are/ I'm still living in a dream/ Someday you will fall in love with me/ (Someday you will fall in love with me)/ I'm still wishing on a star/ I'm still wishing on a star". Then she talks about how she could be his girl in many different ways saying, "I give you the world/ Nobody better, baby, no other girl/ Who can you love, boy, love you long time/ Never met a drug that could get you this high/ And I hope that you come cause you're invited/ Nice and slow I'mma drive your body crazy/ Whatever you want, I gotcha, my baby/ Anything you need, I'll make it so right/ Just give me a chance to make me your lady/ Don't you wanna see what I can provide, oh?"

Yours finds Tinashe talking about being with a guy and making him belong to her. She sings, "I'ma lay it down so nice/ Tonight I wanna go round twice, oh/ You're about to lose some sleep/ Messin' with a freak like me/ And baby, I'll be the best/ I can guarantee no less/ You'll tell me that I've beat the rest". The song then falls into "Sweet Satisfaction".  On Sweet Satisfaction, she's falling in love with this guy even more with the lyrics, "You're just what I've been needing in my life/ You're just what I've been needing in my life/ Because no one can love me like you can/ It's getting later and if you want it, don't keep me waiting/ Cuz I'm falling for you, boy in a hurry/ There's something 'bout the way you move/ And when I think there ain't no one who deserves me/ You do, you do/ 'Cuz you love me with a fire and a passion/ I think I'm falling hard for you too/ So please touch me, give me sweet satisfaction".

Slow is about the highs that you feel when you're in a relationship and the nerves go down when you become comfortable with that special someone. Tinashe finds this experience that she is feeling with her man as "magical" as she sings on the chorus, "My heart beats slowly/ My heart beats slowly/ And my heart beats slowly/ My heart beats slow/ Slow now that you're here/ Differences gotta hold on me/ Imma let my hair down, my hair down/ Baby, I am here now, I'm here now/ Trying to have no fear/ When you run down this love 'til I break/ Listen to me clear now, clear now/ Baby, I am here now, I'm here now". 

Another Me is mainly about the singer after a breakup with her mate. He tells him that he will never find another girl like her singing, "Did she make your heart beat faster than I could?/ Did she give you what you hoped for?/ Oh, nights", and continues on the chorus with, "Yeah, don't get me wrong, babe, I don't want ya back/ But, nobody else can give you what we had/ You know it's real cause I can guarantee/ You ain't gon ever meet another me/ Another me, another me, yeah/ You ain't gon ever meet another me/ Another me, another me, another me, oh, oh, oh". This track also contains a sample of "Love" by English band Daughter in the beginning.

Come When I Call is where Tinashe needs her lover to just love her, but they don't have to speak words about it, she just wants to feel him there, but he's not even there with her when she needs him the most. On the first verse, she sings, "Hey, you got my back on the wall/ But for the things I need, you ain't help me at all/ I think it's time that these walls crumble and fall/ Yes, you indeed love me, but will you ever come when I call?/ But would you come when I call?/ But would you come when I call?/ Yes, you indeed love me, but will you ever come when I call?/ I think it's time for these walls to crumble and fall/ Your love is felt, not seen, I don't feel you at all, no".

Illusions is a 50 second interlude produced by Tinashe with a man speaking on the entire track saying, "I've come to terms with the fact that nothing is what it seems.../ What you've been taught is that who you are isn't quite good enough/ You know you need to be slightly more than, bigger than, brighter than, smarter than, slimmer than, fatter than, richer than how you are at the moment/ It's just some idea that sometime in the future you can be better than how you are right now/ But it's 2 precise ideas that you've accumulated and that you've been fed/ So if you look happy with who you are/ It's actually good news because you're not who you think you are/ (This life is an illusion)/ Who you think you are, is who you think you are".

Reverie is where the singer and her lover are living in a day dream type state with one another. On the first verse, Tinashe sings, "We've been eating these lies/ And they've been feeding us all lies/ What happened to our blue skies?/ Yo, they be getting us young, learn to love institution/ This new world has begun", and then moves to the chorus with, "We are in reverie/ And everything you thought you know/ Isn't what it seems/ Only truth, truth will set you free/ And I will never lie to you/ So listen, close to me".

I'm Selfish is about this girl who is also so happens to be Tinashe's best friend, but when her friend kissed her in the "Chainless" music video, she didn't expect for it to happen.
 It made her begin to question her sexuality and then her friends notice that she started to weird around them. She sings on the first verse, "Hit me hard with your lips on me/ Caught me so off guard red like roses/ And my friends saw our first kiss", and she continues on the pre-chorus with, "Ever since I met you, what I think of love has changed/ Made me question my perception everything has rearranged/ And I try to fight it, I don't wanna put you through no pain/ When I tell you that I need a man again". Then, she tells on her friend on the chorus, "Guess that, I'm selfish, I'm sorry/ Can't help it need that body/ Won't be here forever/ Come get it now or never".

Click on this link to listen to "Ecstasy"

Ecstasy talks about how the singer wanting to show how much she loves her mate singing, "You feel me deep down, you got me so quick/ You hold me on tight, I'm singing so sweet/ You fill me with light to the tip of my feet", then on the first verse, she says, "Uh yeah, and I'll be yours for the night/ (Tell me what you wanna do)/ Do anything you like/ (All my thoughts focused on you)/ Wanna let you know/ I'm never gon' let you go/ Uh, keep doing me right/ You make me feel like". On the chorus, Tinashe says the love that she has a with her man is what she believes in with the lyrics, "You are the only one that I believe in/Nothing ever get in my way/ If distance puts a little time between us/ You say, "Baby, you're worth the wait"./ Just remember how much I please ya/ Don't forget the next time I see ya/ All night long, you gon' be ecstasy, eh-eh, oh".

Also, check out the music video for "Ecstasy" on YouTube. Here's the link:

Who Am I Working For is a slow spacey song where Tinashe finds herself trying to provide for her family the best thing that she knows how. She opens up the song with, "I gotta get another job now/ Cuz I can't seem to make enough money/ I've been working so hard now/ But I still can't provide for my family/ There is a knockin' at the door/ Tax-man here, government want more/ (Want more, government more)/ Who am I working for?", and continues with, "(And I wanna let go)/ My strength is running out but I can't quit now/ And I'm nearly going under... can't help but wonder/ Who am I working for, who am I working for?/ (Work, work)/ Who am I working for, who am I working for?" This track contains a sample of Britney Spears' song "Blur".

You can watch the official Who Am I Working For? music video below:

Let You Love Me (XXYYXX Remix) is a remixed of the song that was featured on Tinashe's debut mixtape In Case We Die, but producer XXYYXX decides to add his spin on the track. She sings, "You got the... swag/ Baby, I can meet you at the... car/ Left it with the nice valet out... back/ We can drive away and go so... far/ So far", and then moves on to the chorus, "I like it when you come in and take up all/ The space in mind/ My mind/ I'm boutta let... gonna let, I think I'll let you love/ Me tonight." The song with the singer singing, "I'll let you lick me down, down, a-down, down down/ I'll let you lick me down, down, a-down, down down."

Make sure that you buy, stream or listen to Reverie on SoundCloud and DatPiff

7 Upcoming Video Games That You Should Be Pumped Up For!

I love to playing video games. It's one of my favorite things to do when I have some free time on my hands. But, did you that there are some upcoming PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC games that you didn't even know about? Well, I'm here to tell you about all of the upcoming games that you should be ready for when they hit the market in 2018:

1. Life Is Strange 2

The long-awaited sequel for the award-winning original game returns with a new five-part series. Life Is Strange 2 is set for September 27th with the first of the five episodes being released on the same day. The game will have a new location along with new cast of characters. It will also run on Unreal Engine 4, which marks the first time that a Life Is Strange game has ever used Unreal Engine 4. You can watch the video trailer for Life Is Strange 2 below:

And don't forget to pre-order the game on Steam, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 to receive the "Mascot bundle" where you can customize your backpack with patches and keyring from the Life Is Strange universe:

2. Soul Calibur VI

Six years after the release of Soul Calibur V, the popular game is back with its sixth installment called Soul Calibur VI. Soul Calibur VI will take place during the 16th century and revisit the events of the first Soulcalibur game to "uncover hidden truths". The game also contains a roster of returning fighters from the previous Soul Calibur games along with some newcomers alike. The features for this game include a new mechanic called Reversal Edge which allow players to defend against an oncoming attack and quickly strike back with a slow-motion effect, two weapon-wielding combatants battling against one another on a 3D plane and it will also run on Unreal Engine 4. Soul Calibur VI is expected to be release on October 19 on PS4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. You can pre order it on Amazon or at GameStop for PS4 or Xbox One:

3. Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Get ready to play as Lara Croft all over again. Shadow of the Tomb Raider serves as the third entry to the Tomb Raider series. It is a follow-up to the 2015 sequel Rise of the Tomb Raider. The story will take place after the vents of Rise of the Tomb Raider. Lara Croft goes on a journey to Latin America looking for a Mayan relic which has a connection to her late father. A paramilitary organization called Trinity is also dedicated to seeking for the relic to reshape the world. During the expedition, Lara sets off a Mayan apocalypse and now she has to make an attempt to save the world. Shadow of the Tomb Raider will be available on September 14, but until then, you can pre order the game now for the Xbox One, PS4 and Microsoft Windows:

4. Spider-Man

Are you a fan of the Marvel Comics along with the superhero Spider-Man? Well, you're in luck because Spider-Man is back and better than ever. The game will tell a new story about Spider-Man that will not be tied to an existing comic book, movie or video game. It will only cover Peter Parker and Spider-Man aspects of the character and will feature an older and more experience Spider-Man. Spider-Man will available for the PlayStation 4 on September 7th. Now, you can pre order the game at Gamestop, Amazon where you can get a PS4 Digital Code especially for Spider-Man or at the PlayStation Store. Here are the links:

Also, if you want, you can order your very own limited edition Spider-Man PlayStation 4 Pro Bundle at Amazon, GameStop and Best Buy. But you better hurry and get one before they're all gone! Here are the links for it:

5. The Last of Us Part II

The Las of Us Part II is an upcoming action-adventure survival horror game that serves as a follow-up to 2013's The Last of Us. It is set to have four new characters Emily (Emily Swallow), Yara (Victoria Grace), Lev (Ian Alexander) and an unnamed character played by Laura Bailey. As of now, I don't know the release date or the storyline for The Last of Us Part II like when you can pre-order the game, but I will update you when I know more.

6. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 (stylized as Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII) is an upcoming multiplayer  first-person shooter game. It will serve as a sequel to the 2015 game Call of Duty Black Ops III. The game has three new modes unlikely the previous games that include Multiplayer, Zombies and a new battle royale mode called Blackout. A total of ten Specialists are in Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII. Six characters like Ruin, Prophet, Battery Seraph, Nomad and Firebreak are returning, while four new characters like Recon, Ajax, Torque and Crash are being introduced to players. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will be release on October 12th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. You can pre-order the game on the PlayStation Store, Xbox or Microsoft Windows website and GameStop:
Red Dead Redemption II.jpg
7. Red Dead Redemption 2
Red Dead Redemption 2 (stylized as Red Dead Redemption II) is an upcoming Western-themed action-adventure that is scheduled to be release on October 26 for PlayStation and Xbox One. This serves as a prequel to the 2010 game Red Dead Redemption. The game follows the story of an outlaw Arthur Morgan, a member of the Dutch van der Linde gang in 1899, in the wanging years of the American Old West with the age of outlaws and gunslingers. The game will continue the use of the Honor system, where the player interacts with non-playable characters and can affect with how settlements, towns and other groups will react towards Morgan. It also features returning characters like John Marston and Dutch Van der Linde making an appearance in the game. You can pre-order Red Dead Redemption 2 on the PlayStation Store, Xbox website, GameStop or Best Buy:

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Ariana Grande: 5 Years of Baby I

On July 22, 2013, Ariana Grande released her second single for her debut album Yours Truly. The song was written and produced by Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds along with Antonio Dixon. Fun fact: Baby I was originally written for singer Beyonce. Baby I is an R&B and pop with elements of drums, horns and a syncopated beat. Music critics praised the song itself for going "throwback" while saying that Grande's vocals reminds them of Mariah Carey. The song is about not being able to fully express your feelings towards someone you love. I remembered when I first listened to Baby I on Ariana's YouTube channel. The song was so good and I loved how Ariana used her whistle tones towards the end of the track.

Also, I watched the lyric video for the song as well. You can watch the lyric video below:

But then, when Grande released the music video for Baby I on September 6, 2013, I couldn't believe what my eyes were seeing that day. I felt like I was in the 1990s with Ariana Grande with the clothes, the colors and the singing and dancing in the streets of New York City. I was so proud for Ariana bringing the 90s back to life in 2013. If anybody can time travel to the 90s again and still make it look good, it's Ariana Grande. You can watch the music video below:

Baby I along with the 90s inspired album Yours Truly to match it, really made me an Arianator for life. If it wasn't for Ariana having so much success musically in 2013, I wouldn't still be here talking about my favorite singer and how much I love her. To celebrate the fifth anniversary of Baby I, listen to it on Google Play, Amazon Music, iTunes and Spotify:

Happy Birthday, Selena Gomez!

On July 22, 1992, Selena Marie Gomez was born in Grand Prairie, Texas. She is an actress, singer and producer. She landed her first acting role on the children's television show, Barney & Friends when she was a little girl. After appearing on Barney & Friends, she starred in the lead role for the Disney Channel series Wizards of Waverly Place that ran from 2007 to 2012. She formed her own band called Selena Gomez & The Scene and the group went on to release three studio albums like Kiss & Tell (2009).

A Year Without Rain (2010),

and When The Sun Goes Down (2011).

After the band separated in 2013, Selena decided to still pursue her singing career, but as a solo artist instead. She released her debut studio album Stars Dance on July 23, 2013.

Then two years later, she dropped her second studio album Revival on October 9, 2015.

Both Revival and Stars Dance went to number one on the Billboard 200 chart giving Selena two number one albums as a solo singer. She is currently working her third studio album.

Selena has also been example to young girls like me who look up to her. She became a UNICEF ambassador at the age of seventeen, worked with various charities over the years, released her own clothing line called Dream Out Loud in 2010 with Kmart using only recycled or eco-friendly material, and her own self-titled perfume in 2013. 

But, here is what you don't know about Selena Gomez. On August 2016, Gomez admitted to her fans that she have lupus disease and has to cancel the remainder of her Revival tour because she had anxiety, panic attacks and suffered from depression that was caused by her lupus. Lupus is an autoimmune disease that causes inflammation in different tissues of the body. After the tour ended, Selena checked herself into rehab to focus on her mental health. She was also noticeably absent on social media. She made her very first public appearance at the 2016 American Music Awards where she won the award for Favorite Pop/Rock Artist. She was diagnosed with lupus sometime between 2012 and early 2014. On September 14, 2017, Selena had received a kidney transplant from actress and best friend Francia Raisa.

I love Selena Gomez. I have known her since her days as Alex Russo on Wizards of Waverly Place on Disney Channel. Selena is the sweetest, kind-hearted woman that I have ever seen. She is all about giving back to the world, outspoken when it comes to mental health, and cares a lot about people especially children. Happy 26th Birthday, Selena! Thank you for being an inspiration to all of the young girls out there. You showed them that you can be anything that you want to be if you only believe. Keep doing what you're doing for your fans, the environment and for the little kids who need a role model just like you in their lives.  

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9 Singers That You Need to Listen To in 2018!

I have done a lot of reviews of different artists over the last three months, but I feel like that they deserve a little more recognition than what they are getting not just on my blog, but also regarding their music. So, here is my list of 8 singers that you should been listening to:

1. Charlotte Day Wilson

Charlotte Day Wilson is a singer and producer who lives in Toronto, Canada. I learned about her from a friend. Her EP CDW was the very first thing that I listened by her. You guys should really check her out. Her music is very soulful, but with a mixture of pop and rhythm and blues.

2. Jhene Aiko

Jhene Aiko is one of my favorite singers. I like to describe her as "a hidden gem" because some people don't know who Jhene is or what her music is like. This same friend also introduced me to her. The first song that I listened to was The Worst from her Sail Out EP. I don't know that she even sung that song. From there, I have been a fan of Jhene Aiko ever since then. I have done two review on her musical projects called Sailing Soul(s) and Souled Out if you care to look at them:

Also, listen to Sailing Soul(s) on DatPiff.

3. Tinashe

Tinashe is a another artist that you need to watch out for. I recommend that you listen to her first 3 mixtapes along with her debut album Aquarius and some of her other work. You can listen to In Case We Die, Reverie, Black Water and Aquarius on SoundCloud.

You can also go to DatPiff and stream or download her mixtapes. That's where Tinashe first got her start as a solo singer.

4. FKA twigs

FKA twigs is not only a singer and songwriter, but she is also music producer and a dancer. Her soft, angelic voice is so beautiful with different genres like trip hop, avant garde and experimental music. Her projects EP1 and EP2 is what gave the world of who FKA twigs really is. She has since released her debut studio album LP1 and her third extended play title M3LL155X. If you like experimental music, then you need to listen to FKA twigs. ASAP. 

5. Chloe x Halle

I love me so Chloe x Halle, y'all. These girls can not only sing, but they're also sisters. Chloe and Halle Bailey are from Atlanta, GA. They have released Sugar Symphony (2016), The Two of US (2017), and their debut album The Kids Are Alright (2018). You guys need to look these girls on YouTube or Google. Your mind will be completely blown by how good they really sound.

6. H.E.R.

I always love to do reviews on H.E.R. for you guys because I feel like the whole world needs to know who she is even if she doesn't shows her face. H.E.R. has achieved great success with extended plays H.E.R. Vol. 2 (2016), H.E.R. Vol. 2 (2017), along with her self-titled album H.E.R. (2017) and H.E.R. Vol. 2: The B Sides (2017). You really need to go and support this artist and her music. This girl can sang!
Jorja Smith - Lost & Found.png
7. Jorja Smith
Jorja Smith is an English singer from Walsall, West Midlands. She is known for collaborating with different artists, most notably with rapper Drake on his More Life playlist in 2017. Project 11 was her very first extended play in 2016 and in June, she released her debut studio album Lost & Found. I recommend that you go and really give her songs a good listen. I will probably do a review on her Lost & Found album once I get a chance to listen to it. So, stay tuned for that.
 Where to buy Project 11:
Where to buy Lost & Found:
Khalid-MTV smiling.jpg
8. Khalid
Khalid is an up and coming singer-songwriter from Fort Stewart, Georgia. He released his debut single "Location" on August 2016. His debut studio album American Teen was released on March 3, 2017. If you're from Georgia, then support Khalid by purchasing his album American Teen and also stream his song Location right now.
Where to buy Location:
Where to buy American Teen:
Image result for ella mai
9. Ella Mai
Ella Mai is a 23 year old singer from London, United Kingdom. She bursted on to the music scene her hit single "Boo'd Up" from her third EP Ready (2017). She also has two more EPs titled Time and Change, both of which was released in 2016. I recommend that you listen to all three of her extended plays and see for yourself why Ella Mai is this new artist to watch in 2018.
Where to buy Time:
Where to buy Change:
Where to buy Ready:

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Tinashe Like I Used To review

Singer Tinashe drops her brand new song by surprise titled Like I Used To. It is scheduled to be on her upcoming musical project called Nashe which could be released any day now. Like I Used To is a breezy R&B track with Tinashe taking a swipe at her ex-boyfriend Rookie of the Year Ben Simmons after he broke up with her and is now dating Kendall Jenner. She sings on the chorus, "Never be the same/ Won't trust you like I used to, yeah/ Never be the same/ Won't trust you like I used to, yeah/ Lay my top back, throw my problems out my coupe". Then she moves on to the first verse with, "I know everything, but they don't/ I've been on a wave they ain't on, no/ Swerving lane to lane and it's paid for/ I might do a whole dash, drive like I want to/ This is too easy like a free throw, yeah/ This is might blow up like C-4, yeah". On the pre-chorus, she is done with her ex with the lyrics, "I had to let go/ I'm in my bag, bro/ If it ain't about the cash flow/ I'm sorry, gotta pass on/ I gotta pass on you". Okay, so, I'm a huge fan of Tinashe. I had been a fan since I listened to her 2012 mixtape In Case We Die on YouTube. I love Tinashe's music, but I never thought that she would make a diss song about her ex. You go, girl! This is a 9/10 for me. Make sure that you listen to Like I Used to on Google Play, Spotify, SoundCloud, Amazon Music, Apple Music and Deezer. You can also watch it on YouTube:

Childish Gambino Feels Like Summer review

I am so honored to be doing another review on Childish Gambino for his song Feels Like Summer. He released along with another song called Summertime Magic that was released on Spotify under the title The Summer Pack. I'll try to do a review on that one as well. Feels Like Summer tackles on some issues we face in the world today like the growing world population, climate change, artificial intelligence, water scarcity, air pollution and more. He opens the song with, "You can feel it in the streets/ On a day like this, the heat/ It feel like summer/ I feel like summer/ I feel like summer". On the first verse, Gambino references to the world population with the lyrics, "Seven billion souls that move around the sun/ Rolling faster, faster not a chance to slow down/ Slow down", then on the next verse he talks about the increase role of technology in this society singing, "Men who made machines that want what they decide/ They're just tryna tell the children please slow down/ Slow down". Later on the pre-chorus, he hopes the world will change, but he doesn't see it saying, "I know/ Oh, I know you know the pain/ I'm hopin' that this world will change/ But it just seems the same/ (It is not the same)". This is the first music that we had heard from the rapper since his number on hit This Is America. I love Feels Like Summer. This is especially perfect for the summer if you want something new to listen to. If you like Childish Gambino and his music, then yu should listen to this song along with his other Summertime Magic. Bino is back, baby!

Go and listen to Feels Like Summer on YouTube and Google Play:

Also, stream The Summer Pack on Spotify now:
Update: Gambino has just released the music video for "Feels Like Summer" on his YouTube channel. You can watch it now right here:

Ariana Grande "God Is A Woman" review

 I will be talking about Ariana Grande's new single God Is A Woman. God Is A Woman (stylized as God is a woman in lowercase) is the second single from Grande's upcoming Sweetener album. The song was originally going to be release on July 20, but the singer announced on July 12, 2018 that God Is A Woman would be released on July 13. It's all about female empowerment with the track being described as a "anthemic and sultry banger" with the lyrics, "You, you love it how I move you/ You love it how I touch you/ My one, when all is said and done/ You'll believe God is a woman", and then continues with, "And I, I feel it after midnight/ A feeling you can't fight/ My one, it lingers when we're done/ You'll believe God is a woman". Grande also raps on the pre-chorus of the song rapping, "And I can be all of the things that you told me not to be/ (Yeah)/ When you try to come for me, I keep on flourishing/ (Yeah)/ And he sees the universe when I'm in company". But my favorite part is where the singer's voice is multiply to make it sound like a gospel choir at the end singing, "(God is a woman) Yeah, yeah/ (God is a woman, yeah)/ My one/ (One)/ When all is said and done/ You'll believe God is a woman/ You'll believe God/ (God is a woman)/ Oh, yeah". Okay, now let's get on to the lyric video for God is a woman.

Not only did the singer release the song, but she also made a beautiful lyric video to the track on her YouTube channel. The lyrics for God Is A Woman is displayed in clouds high into the sky. And then the video turn out of this world when it turns into a starry night. When you first look at it, it kinda gives you a intergalactic effect almost. It's like you're in outer space. It's so cool. I love how Ariana is into intergalactic things and incorporating them in her lyric videos like she did with Break Free.

One more thing. Ariana also dropped the music video for the song as well.

Click here to watch the music video on YouTube

The music video God Is A Woman features lots of references to religion and art. It was directed by Dave Meyers and consists of Michangelo's "Creation of Adam", the statue of "The Thinker", "Romulus and Remus", "The Pantheon", the mythological Cerberus, along with other mythic allusions. The video starts out with Grande singing the first verse while having a galaxy around her waist and then treats it like a hula hoop. She is also seen lying down covered with paint all over her body naked. Then, she tackles on some men trying to use verbal abuse against her using words like "annoying" or "fake", but she doesn't seem fazed by it. Grande sits on planet Earth and swirls her finger around a cloud inside of it.  Madonna also makes an appearance in God Is A Woman by reciting a quote of the famous Pulp Fiction by Samuel L Jackson with Ariana mouthing the words along with her. It is also an interpretation of the Bible verse Ezekiel 25:17. She also sports the famous cone bra by Madonna from the "Blond Ambition Tour". 

So, I give God Is A Woman a 10/10 because the message behind this song is so powerful. Ariana has always been a vocal advocate for feminism. The female empowerment is what we need right now in this world. We, as a women, have to unite as one and defend ourselves. I love God Is A Woman along with the lyrics and the music video being so moving to me. Let's help Ariana get her second top 10 hit on the Billboard Hot 100. Pre-order Sweetener on Apple Music and get God Is A Woman instantly:

Stream/download the single on Amazon Music, Google Play and Spotify:

Don't forget to pre-order the Sweetener CD or the digital album for ticket access on the Official Ariana Grande store. Here's the link for it:

Update: Ariana has just released new merch for God Is A Woman on her official website! It's only a 24 hour deal for the God Is A Woman merchandise, so go and buy it now and the digital single along with your choice of bundle. Here are the links:

Update: Ariana has released a behind the scenes video for her music video God Is A Woman on her YouTube channel. Here's the link for it:

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10 Popular Video Games That You Need To Buy!

Whether you own gaming consoles like a PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch or a PC, here are some of the most popular video games that you should go and buy:

1. Fortnite

Fortnite is one of the hottest games out there today. Everybody is playing this game with celebrities like Drake and Odell Beckam Jr. of the New York Giants are getting in on the "Fortnite craze". Fortnite was released back in 2017, but it's only now becoming popular with a lot of players in this year alone. They have since made two different game modes that support the same gameplay and game engine. There are: Fortnite: Save The World and Fortnite: Battle Royale. Fortnite: Save The World is a shooter-survival game where up to four players can fight off zombie-like husk and defend objects with fortifications they can build. Fortnite: Battle Royale is a free-to-play battle royale where up to 100 players fight in increasingly smaller spaces to be the last person standing. Fortnite is out now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows and macOS:

2. Injustice 2

If you're a fan of superheroes like me, then this is the game for you. Injustice was released on May 11, 2017. It serves as a sequel to the 2013 game titled Injustice: Gods Among Us. You can play as heroes like Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Flash or you can be the bad guy for a change with characters like Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, The Joker and more. The game also features downloadable content with 10 new characters and "premier skins" for several characters that are playable like Supergirl, Green Lantern and Black Canary just to name a few. The storyline involves Batman and his attempt to restore society after the fall of Superman's regime. However, the arrivals of the supervillain group "The Society" and Brainac forces Batman to free an imprisoned Superman to help combat the threats. Injustice 2 is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows and on Android or IOS. Here are the links:

3. Overwatch

Overwatch is a team-based multi-player first-shooter game that was released on May 24, 2016. This is another game along with Fortnite that is now getting the recognition that it deserves. The players are assigned into two teams of six. Each player selects from a roster of over 20 characters known as "heroes". Each hero has a unique style of play and whose role will be divided into general three categories that fits their role. The player on a team work together to secure and defend control points on either a map or escort a payload across the map in a limited amount of time. You can also gain cosmetic rewards that do not affect your gameplay, including character skins and victory poses, as you play the game. Purchase Overwatch for PS4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows:

4. Rise of the Tomb Raider

Rise of the Tomb Raider was released on November 10, 2015 and serves as the sequel to the 2013 game "Tomb Raider". The story follows Lara Croft as she goes into Siberia in search of the legendary city of Kitezh while also battling the paramilitary group Trinity, which intends to uncover the city's promise of immorality. She also traverse the environment and attack enemies with firearms and stealth as she explores into semi-open hubs. With these hubs, you can unlock new rewards, complete side missions, search for resources which can be used to craft useful materials. Here are the links to purchase Rise of the Tomb Raider for Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows and macOS:

5. Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV is the fifteenth installment to the Final Fantasy series with them releasing the very first game way back on December 18, 1987. It is a popular role-playing game that features an open world environment with an action-based battle system, including quick-switching weapons, elemental magic, and other amazing features like vehicle travel and camping. The game takes place on the fictional world of Eos, aside from the kingdom of Lucis. You play as the main protagonist Noctis Lucis Caelum during his journey across the world of Eos. You can control him with simple movements like jumping over small obstacles, sprint for a limited time, and perform context actions such as taking cover behind objects. I encourage you to buy Final Fantasy XV on PS4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. Here are the links:

6. God of War

God of War follows the story of Kratos, who now has a new family and lives in the Norse mythology. Kratos along with his young son Atreus. Following the death of Kratos' wife and Atreus' mom, they go on a journey to fulfill her promise and spreading her ashes at the highest peak of the nine realms.  This is also another role-playing game just like Final Fantasy XV. If you like to play role-playing games, then you should definitely consider getting this game. You can buy the game on PlayStation Store for the PS4 now:

7. Rocket League

Do you like to play soccer? Have you ever thought of playing it with vehicular cars? Well, now you can. Rocket League is a game where players from around the world play soccer using rocket-powered cars. In this game, one to four players are assigned to each of the two teams, using their rocket-powered cars to hit a ball into the opponent's goals and score points throughout the course of the match. Rocket League is out now for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Steam and macOS.

8. Life Is Strange

Follow Max Caulfield in this episodic graphic adventure game titled Life Is Strange. Max is a photography student in her senior year and discover that she has the able to rewind time. Max along with her best friend Chloe Price try to solve the disappearance of their fellow classmate while also discovering dark secrets about Blackwell. You, as the player, get to make choices that affect the past, present and future using a butterfly effect. Five episodes in all. Download or buy Life Is Strange on Steam, PlayStation Store, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and iTunes:

9. The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit is a graphic adventure game that serves a prequel to Life Is Strange. Here's the best part: it's free to play! That's right. The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit is free to play. So, there is no need to purchase any episodes for the game. It's completely free. The story follows Chris Eriksen, a young boy who creates an alter ego called Captain Spirit to help cope with the death of his mother and projects his imagination into reality. His costume is customizable, while the environment he's in can be interacted with quests like a treasure hunt and exploring an imagined planet. The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit will make you feel like a kid again. Plus, whatever choices you make in this game, will carried on over to the upcoming Life Is Strange 2 game which Chris also stars in. So, go and play this game for free on PS4, Xbox One, Steam and Microsoft Windows:

10. Life Is Strange: Before the Storm

Life Is Strange: Before the Storm is a prequel to the original game with Chloe Price serving as the main character. This prequel to the game is also similar to The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit. Follow Chloe as she forms an unlikely friendship with her classmate Rachel Amber. This game does not include time travel, but it does feature the ability to "Backtalk", in which the player can use to call upon Chloe to get out of certain situations. It can also make a situation worse. Chloe and Rachel must learn that they have to face their demons and overcome them before it's too late. If you loved Life Is Strange, then you will definitely fall in love with this game. Available for Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, PS4 and Steam:

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