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H.ER: 1 Year of Vol. 2

On this day June 16th, the mysterious singer H.E.R. released her second extended play titled Vol. 2. It served as a follow-up to the Vol. 1 EP in 2016 and has spawned the singles like "Say It Again" and "Every Kind Of Way". Vol. 2 gave the fans more of H.E.R. from her slow R&B voice to her sultry tracks talking about love and heartbreak in a relationship, this singer has really made a name for herself when it comes to her music. I remember when I listened to Vol. 2 by H.E.R. for the first time on SoundCloud. I fell in love with Vol. 2 just like I did with Vol. 1. Listening to all eight of the EP's song just hit me all at once. The production and the lyrics were very moving to me. I have always love to listen to music, but when I listen to H.E.R., I took my love for music a step farther. If I hadn't discovered H.E.R. on October 25, 2017 on YouTube, I wouldn't be telling you guys about this artist like I'm doing right now. Those two songs "U…

H.E.R. Yeah I Said It (Remix) review

Yeah, I Said It (Remix) is a song by R&B singer H.E.R that was released on November 16, 2016. It is a remixed cover version of Rihanna's song of the same name from her eighth studio album ANTI. H.E.R. begins to sing the song's original lyrics with her sweet vocals on the second verse with, "Boy, I always like to show/ Get a little bit, come a little close, now/ Take it home on your camera phone/ Get a little bad, baby, watch me blow it down". She also adds a new verse to the track on the outro that she wrote herself with the lyrics, "All you gonna do is say, "Yes"/ I ain't worried about a label/ Going in like we ain't got no time left/ Pick me up and put your dinner on the table/ Don't stop, ah, won't stop/ 'Til I feel it in the right spot/ Now I'm on top/ Yeah, I said it/ Give it to you right, you won't forget it/ Boy, get out your feelings and forget 'em/ Oooh, yeah".
I thought H.E.R. did an excellent job on …

Troye Sivan "Dance To This featuring Ariana Grande" review

I'm doing a review on Troye Sivan's new song titled Dance To This featuring Ariana Grande. It is the fourth single from his upcoming second studio album Bloom. The track is described as a "mellow dance track" that talks about the experience of a couple who would rather stay at home to party than to go out to a nightclub. Sivan sings on the pre chorus, "Oh, yeah, under the kitchen lights/ You still look like dynamite/ And I wanna end up on you/ Oh, don't need no place to go/ Just put on the radio/ You know what I wanna to do", and then continues on the chorus with the lyrics, "We can just dance to this/ Don't take much to start me/ Push on my body, yeah/ You know we've already seen all of the parties/ We can just dance to this/ Dance to this/ Dance to this/ We can just dance to this". Ariana then begins to exchange her verse on the song singing, "Dear beloved/ Bring those 501s a bit closer, bit closer/ And dear, my lover/ Do that …

Happy Birthday, Prince!

Happy Birthday to singer and songwriter Prince. He would have been 60 years old today. I wish that he was here to celebrate his birthday with his fans and party like it's 1999. After I had finished my "Prince: A Music Legend Gone Too Soon" blog post, I went to YouTube and listened to some of Prince's music. And I watched a video of him perform Purple Rain from the movie of the same name. I was like, "Wow! I love this song." Now, I see why some people would say always that Purple Rain is their favorite song. Purple Rain peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts and was considered a signature song for Prince. To me, when I watched this video, I felt like I wanted to take the light off of my cell phone (if I ever get one) and just waved it up in the air while Prince was singing this song. And the way he played that guitar at the end was just amazing. I was like the guitar was doing all of the singing for him. Listen, I know that you're all sad that …