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Janelle Monae "Dirty Computer" album review

Dirty Computer is the third studio album by singer and actress Janelle Monae. It was released on April 27, 2018. This album serves as a follow up to her previous albums, The ArchAndroid (2010) and The Electric Lady (2013). This is also her first one to not be a part of the Cindi Mayweather's Metropolis narrative. Dirty Computer has different genres like funk, pop, neo soul, hip hop and R&B. Along with the album, Monae also released a 48 minute film on her YouTube channel titled Dirty Computer [Emotion Film]. You can watch the film on YouTube by clicking on the link you see below.

                                                             Click to listen to "Dirty Computer"

Dirty Computer is about embracing those things that make other people feel uncomfortable while  human society, queer, minorities, women, and poor can make you have bugs and viruses. On this track, Monae is an android version of herself called Jane57821. This is also the first collaboration between her and singer Brian Wilson as Janelle sings, "Dirty computer, walk in line/ If you look closer, you'll recognize/ I'm not that special, I'm broke inside/ Crashing slowly, the bugs are in me", and then she begins to talk about her systems failing because of her sexuality, race and gender with the lyrics, "Dirty computer, breaking down/ Picking my face up off the ground/ I'll love you in this space and time/ 'Cause baby, all I'll ever be is/ Your dirty computer/ Dirty computer".

Crazy, Classic, Life is a funk-pop song that talks about discrimination as the track opens up with a spoken intro of the United States "Declaration of Independence" with the saying, "You told us we hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men/and women are created equal; and that they are endowed by their/ Creator with certain unalienable rights; among these are life, /liberty, and the-and the pursuit of happiness". This is also a reference to singer Nina Simone as Monae sings, "Young, black, wild and free". She adds a traditional phrase from the "American Dream" and "The American Nightmare" speech by Malcolm X with the lyrics, "We don't need another ruler/ All of my friends are kings/ I'm not America's nightmare/ I'm the American dream/ Just let me live my life".

Take A Byte represents a strong feminist woman influence and it talks about the myths and stories that comes from a diverse group of powerful women, both culturally and historically. She begins to describe a "programmed code" that would create heterosexuality, however, a "glitch" must present in order for this programming to work. Therefore, causing Janelle to have a non-heterosexual attraction between her and the person she's speaking to possibly a female lover. Janelle sings, "I'm not the kind of girl that you can take home to your mama now/ I tell no lies (I tell no lies)/ Your code is programmed not to love me, but you can't pretend/ Oh, what a surprise/ Maybe it's lust, maybe it's love, maybe it never ends/ Ooh, say your goodbyes (say 'em now)/ Play in my hair and nibble there all on my mocha skin/ Yeah, just take a byte".

Jane's Dream is a 19 second instrumental interlude that features the work of Jon Brion. It was inspired by "terrifying nightmares" even though the first sounds of it are considered as "smooth and soothing".

Click to listen to "Screwed"

Screwed featuring Zoe Kravitz is used in two different ways: as an innuendo and to describe the state of America. On the first verse, Janelle sings, "I live my life in magazine/ I live my life on a TV screen/ I live my life on birth control/ I lost my mind to rock and roll", and then her and Zoe come together on the chorus with, "And I, I, I hear the sirens calling/ And the bombs are falling in the streets/ We're all screwed/ And ah, ah, ah, it's not perfect, baby/ But I go sex crazy/ But I feel so screwed/ Sex, body/ We're gonna crash your party/ Let's get screwed/ I don't care". Then the melodies of the hook leads into the next song "Django Jane".

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Django Jane is where Janelle gives her definition of what screwed really means and the power of women along with her past accomplishments. This track also showcases Monae rapping skills with the lyrics, "This is my palace, champagne in my chalice/ I got it all covered like a wedding band/ Wondaland, so my alias is Alice/ And we gon' start a riot/ Or we gon' have to put 'em on a diet/ A-town, made it out there/ Straight of Kansas City, yeah we made it out there/ Celebrated, graduated, made it pass/fail/ Already got a Oscar for the casa/ Runnin' down the Grammys with the family/ Prolly give a Tony to the homies/ Prolly give an Emmy to dedicated to the/ Highly melanated, ArchAndroid orchestrated/ Yeah, we highly melanated, ArchAndroid orchestrated".

Click on the link to watch the "Pynk" music video

Pynk is a synth-pop song that features singer and producer Grimes. They had previously collaborated on Grimes' 2015 track "Venus Fly". She explores with her forthright decision of sex and celebrates your own body along with another woman.  She sings on the first verse with, "Pynk, like the inside of your... baby/ Pynk behind all of the doors... crazy/ Pynk, like the tongue that goes down... maybe/ Pynk, like the paradise found/ Pynk when you're blushing inside... yeah/ Pynk is the truth you can't hide... maybe/ Pynk, like the folds of your brain... crazy/ Pynk as we all go insane".

Click on listen to "Make Me Feel"

Make Me Feel is a funk song that finds Janelle talking about her bisexuality and how people would constantly keep asking her questions with the lyrics, "Baby, don't make me spell it out for you/ All the feelings that I've got for you/ Can't be explained, but I can try for you/ Yeah, baby, don't make me spell it out for you/ You keep on asking me the same questions (why)/ And second-guessing all my intentions/ Should know by the way I use my compression/ That you've got the answers to my confessions", and then she continues with, "It's like I'm powerful with a little bit of tender/ An emotional sexual bender/ Mess me up, yeah, but no one does it better/ There's nothin' better". She also make a homage to Michael Jackson on the chorus with, "That's just the way you make me feel/ (That's just the way you make me feel)/ That's just the way you make me feel/ (That's just the way you make me feel)".

Click on this to listen to "I Got the Juice"

I Got The Juice features a collaboration from singer Pharrell Williams. Janelle also makes an reference to her second studio album The Electric Lady with the lyrics, "You're so damn electric, you (alright)/You know you got the juice (yeah)/ You know you got the juice (uh)/  Squeeze all that passionfruit (squeeze)/ Ain't no one fresher than you (woo, fresher)/ And if they try to break you, you say", and then her and Pharrell share some verses on the chorus with, "Down, love/ Don't think about it/ Down, love/ Don't think about it/ Down, love/ You're the number one/ Down, love/ And don't you doubt it".

Click her to listen to "I Like That"

I Like That is where Janelle is addressing rumors about her sexuality and expresses her feelings about liking anyone singing, "Sometimes a mystery, sometimes I'm free/ Depending on my mood or my attitude/ Sometimes I wanna roll or stay at home/ Walking contradiction, guess I'm factual and fiction". She also alludes to a self assessment about her by using the iconic second studio album by the female girl group TLC saying, "A little crazy, a little sexy, a little cool/ Little rough around the edges but I keep it smooth/ I'm always left of center and that's right where I belong/ I'm the random minor note you hear in major songs".


On "Don't Judge Me", Janelle asks her fans to accept her true self now that she is more spoken about her sexuality like in her interview with Rolling Stone and has delivered a more personal tone on the album. She sings the pre-chorus with, "Even though you tell me that you love me/ I'm afraid that you just love my disguise/ Taste my fears and light your candle to my raging fire/ Of broken desire", and then continues with, "But don't judge me/ I know I got issues but they drown when I kiss you/ Don't judge me/ Baptize me with ocean, recognize my devotion".

Stevie's Dream is the second and last interlude on the album that features a spoken word from Stevie Wonder. It begins with, "Even when you're upset, these words of love/ 'Cause God is love/ Allah is love/ Jehovah is love/ So, don't let your expressions, even of anger/ Be confused or misconstrued/ Turn them into words of expression/ That can be understood by using words of love".

So Afraid shows off Janelle's vulnerable side as she talks about her anxieties over love represented by the "bugs" and "viruses" that by social standards make us "defunct". The chorus suggest otherwise with the lyrics, "And I'm afraid (ahhhh)/ Ah, I'm so afraid (ahhhh)/ Ah, what if I lose?/ Is what I think to myself/ I'm fine in my shell/  I'm afraid of it all, afraid of loving you".

Americans is the closing song on Dirty Computer with an ode to America's racist habits and traditions with lyrics like, "I like my woman in the kitchen/ I teach my children superstitions/ I keep my two guns on my blue nightstand/ A pretty young thang, she can wash my clothes/ But she'll never ever wear my pants", and "I pledge alliance to the flag/ Learned words from my mom and dad/ Cross my heart and I hope to die/ With a big old piece of American pie/ Love me baby, love me for who I am/ Fallen angels singing, "Clap your hands"/ Don't try to take my country, I will defend my land/ I'm not crazy, baby, naw, I'm American/ I'm American, I'm American, I'm American".

I love Janelle Monae and this album so much, that I'm going rate it a 10/10. This was my first time listening to her music and some of her songs actually made me wanna get up and dance.

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Also, check out Janelle Monae's interview with Rolling Stone magazine when she officially confirmed as herself as pansexual.


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Chloe x Halle "The Kids Are Alright" album review

The Kids Are Alright is the debut studio album by contemporary R&B duo Chloe x Halle. It was released on March 23, 2018. The album itself is about empowerment, greatness, love, memories, strength, and identity in finding one's place in this world and generation. Along with the album, the duo also released a 10 minute short film of the same name. You can go and watch the film by clicking on the link you see below.

Hello Friend (Intro) serves as the album's opener. This is where the sisters are both full of self-questioning and self love with the lyrics, "Hi friend how are you?/ What you need?/ Got you?/ What's your day been like?/ Has it been alright? You good? Mmkay/ We both trill/ Wait, is it just me this way?/ Cause if you good then that means I'm tight/ All we need is hype/ Since there no one knows to ask if they aight", and then they go to the second verse in which they are talking into a mirror singing, "Wait who is that (who is that) staring back at me?/ Is someone here for me?/ No/ It's that mirror playing tricks/ (Mirror)". The outro at the end of the song serves as the intro into "The Kids Are Alright".

The Kids Are Alright talks about the generation full of people today that can stand on their own, work hard, and still have fun while doing it. This song is based on the girls' lives and the moment they're in right now as they sing, "We don't really care about the trends you like to follow/ You know what they say, they here today and gone tomorrow/ Oooh/ Oooh/ If I'm in the mood, I get as ratchet as I wanna/ Turn around and show you, I could bless you with some culture", and then continues on to the pre-chorus with, "Workin' ain't no nine to five/ California that's a vibe/ Friends, that's always down to ride/ You know, you know that's the life/ We just wanna have some fun/ It's some love for everyone/ Pass it 'round when you get done/ That's the move, yeah, that's the one". They also let their listeners know that they're alright saying, "We all, we all, we alright/ The kids are alright/ We all, we alright/ Yeah, the kids are alright".

You can watch also the music video for "The Kids Are Alright" down below.

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Grown (from Grown-ish) finds Chloe and Halle trying to take on a world on their own singing, "Watch out, world, I'm grown now/ It's about to go down/ My heart beat is so loud/ Mama, look, I'm grown now/ (I'm grown!)", and then Halle sings on the first verse, " I can't sleep, I'm wide awake/ I've been up since yesterday/ Scared 'cause I know it ain't a game/ Like, who am I gonna be today?/ Tell your homeboy what's good/ I'm tryna fit in your hood/ Got the weight of the world on me/ But no regrets, this is what I say/ Watch out, world, I'm grown now/ It's about to go down/ My heart beat is so loud/ Mama, look, I'm grown now/ (I'm grown!)".

Click on this link to listen to "Hi Lo"

Hi Lo featuring Goldlink is a song about loving your flaws with Chloe singing, "When my eyes are swollen when I cry/ Yeah, I like it, yeah/  When I got this scar on my thigh/ When I cannot tell each day apart/ Yeah, I like it, yeah/ Freckles on my face connect like stars/ Yeah, I like it", and then the girls come together singing on the chorus, "My highs ( I love, love 'em)/ My lows ( I love, love 'em)/ My highs ( I love)/ My lows (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)".

Everywhere is about speaking great things into your life. "Money" used in the song is a metaphor for love, happiness, success, and fortune. Chloe sings, "I got money everywhere!/ Falling off a tree/ I got money everywhere!/ Far as you can see", and then they go on to the next verse with, "I painted my way up/ I hustled my way up/ I'm dealing my way up/ I work for everything I do/ I come up and be in my shoes/ I bet you can't do what I do".

Click on this link to listen to "FaLaLa"

FaLaLa (Interlude) is the sixth track and the first interlude on the album. It has a dark element to it as Chloe and Halle's brother screams on the song while they're singing, "Fa, fa, la, la, la, la, la (1,2,3,1,2,3,1,2,3,1,2,3)/ Fa, fa, la, la, la, la, la (1,2,3,1,2,3,1,2,3,1,2,3)". Then "FaLaLa (Interlude)" turns into "Fake feat Kari Faux".

Fake featuring Kari Faux is about some people in the world trying to act like they have, but Chloe and Halle just see them for acting fake about everything with the help of rapper Kari Faux singing, "Why you gonna be so fake? (Why you be so fake? Fake)/ Why your smile be painted on your face? (Smilin' in my face. Face)/ Why you even speak my name? (Why you be so fake? Fake)/ I guess I make you feel some type of way/ Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay/ (Feel some type of)/ Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, yeah".

Baptize (Interlude) is the second and last interlude on The Kids Are Alright as the sisters described a failed baptism with the lyrics, "Dunk me under water, trying to baptize me/ I see you underwater, trying to rescue me/ Hold me in the water as you baptize me/ Dunk me under water, I come out the same", and then it closes with, "I won't change for you, I won't change for you/ I won't change for you, I won't change for you, no/ I won't change for you, I won't change for you".

Down is about the girls thinking about their future, but then they realize that it can be scary and stressful to think about with the lyrics, "It's been a little bit crazy, I've been feeling some type of way lately/ It's too much, I said no fun/ So, can we have the remote to the TV called life?/ Can we play fast forward, rewind?/ Rewatch while we wine and dine it's so fine straight or spine and/ We won't grab it better catch it for a fly", and then to the pre-chorus and chorus with, "All this way too much for me (me)/ All this way too much for me (for me, me)/ Giving me anxiety/ All this way too much for me/ Can we all take it down, down, down/ Can we all take it down, slow-slow, down, down, down, down".

Galaxy is all about getting out of a toxic relationship with Chloe singing on the intro, "You've been tryna doubt me/ You've been tryna out me/ You've been tryna say stuff/ I've been tryna pray up/ Why you tryna prey now?/ Predator away now/ There's this tangled messed of/ Get out of my head". Then they start to throw away all negativity into the "galaxy" saying, "Imma throw you back into the galaxy/ Imma throw you back into the galaxy/ Imma throw you back into the/ Imma throw you back into the galaxy",

Happy Without Me is about looking back on a past relationship with bittersweet memories as Halle sings, "I remember we were on the bleachers sharing secrets when we/ Look up, it'd be "Where did the time go?"/ And I remember you would hold my hand and call me baby while/ we dancing in the park lot slow", and then Chloe exchanges her verses with, "Bittersweet, those memories/ When I see, you with her now/ And it breaks my heart, and it breaks my heart (yeah)/ And it breaks my heart to see you happy, without me".

Click to listen to "Babybird"

Babybird tells the story about the empty nest syndrome that parents go through when their kids move out of the house. The song talks about this difficult time through the eyes of the child, as they are overwhelmed by the world that they're facing. That's kinda what Chloe and Halle are going through as they begin with, "You just flew out of your nest (You just flew out of your nest)/ Starting a brand new quest( Starting a brand new quest)/ But the world is trying to test (But the world is trying to test)/ And you feel alone and try to mold into the rest (And you feel alone and try to mold into the rest)", and then move on to the chorus with lyrics like, "Babybird, grow some feathers/ Yeah, yeah/ Babybird, you can do better".

Warrior (from A Wrinkle in Time) has lyrics that adapted to the film as tell the story of the characters with the lyrics, "Oh my darling, I've been missing you for quite some time/ So, I'm gonna lift the oceans, just to see your eyes/ I could be a warrior, yes I'm a warrior/ There's no need to worry, love/ Look around, it's glorious/ Close your eyes and taste the sun".

Cool People is a guitar driven song that talks about the journey in which Chloe and Halle find that there are some "cool people" among them, even though the world is so wicked.  The girls harmonize together on the chorus with, "Cause darling when you smile like the rain dries out/ Now, there's no more room for clouds/ Got me singing, Hallelu, ah Hallelu, oh/ When you hold my hand, it just reminds me how/ There's still cool people in the world".

Baby On A Plane is about a generation for the adults young and old of the world.  The song opens up with a baby's crying followed by an airplane intercom's beep as they sings, "Cry for me baby, cry for us all/ Cry it away, all night long/ Cry for me, cry, cry for me/ Cry for me, cry/ Cry for me angel, cry for us all/ Do it for me 'cause we gotta be strong, oh".

If God Spoke is where the sisters sing about God from their perspective as far as what he's thinking and saying when it comes to certain decisions. On the second verse, they begin with, I remember when you yelled at me, oh/ Cursed my name and then stomped your feet, oh/ It will come any day/ Just be patient and wait/ You are my little baby/ What I plan for you will be crazy/ Few more minutes be patient/ Make a wish anyway".

Drop is a song where the duo is sick of this guy coming up with the same excuses as they sing, "Baby, I get sick of you/ You're that same old tune/ I don't ever wanna hear you again/ Why are you here, I'd like to skip/ Wanna be deaf to it/ Can I turn my ears off?/ But time stops/ (Time stops)/ When your beat drops/ (Beat drops)/ It's too strong-ong, long-ong/ But time stops/ (Time stops)/ When your beat drops/ (Beat drops)/ Turn it off, off, off, off".

Fall is the closing song on The Kids Are Alright. The duo try to look for a positive side to any negative situation in the world. The songs opens up with, "Blue likes to drop sometimes, one by one/ But I don't mind, no I don't mind/ Cause luck is on my side/ I feel the drip drop, nonstop, pour on tonight", and continues with, "So what if the rain falls?/ Let's find the gold at the end of the rainbow/ So what if the rain falls?/ I'll shower in shimmers of gold".

Make sure that you purchase The Kids Are Alright from Amazon Music, Google Play, iTunes and Spotify You can listen to the whole album on SoundCloud. Here are the links:

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Ariana Grande "Dangerous Woman" album review

Dangerous Woman is the third studio album by singer Ariana Grande. It was released on May 20, 2016.  The album serves as a follow-up to her second studio album My Everything (2014). It features appearance from rappers Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Future, and singer Macy Gray. Dangerous Woman is mainly a pop and R&B album, with genres like dance-pop, house, disco, trap and reggae music.

Moonlight serves as the opening song on Dangerous Woman. It is a slow violin track that was originally going to be the name of the album, but the singer later changed the name from "Moonlight" to the title track "Dangerous Woman". Ariana is picturing an image of her resting in her lover's arms singing, "The sun is setting/ And you're right here by my side/ And the movie's playing/ But we won't be watching tonight", and she goes into seeing every glimpse of her man with, Every look, every touch/ Makes me wanna give you my heart/ I be crushin' on you, baby/ Stay right where you are 'cause/ I never knew, I never knew/ You could hold moonlight in your hands/ 'Til the night I held you/ You are my moonlight/ Moonlight". She also make references to Elvis Presley and James Dean.

Dangerous Woman is a mid tempo pop-rock track as Grande enjoys the excitement and power that she feels when she's with her man with lyrics like, "Don't need permission/ Make my decision to test my limits/ 'Cause it's my business, God as my witness/ Start what I finished/ Don't need no hold up/ Taking control of this kind of moment/ I'm locked and loaded/ Completely focused, my mind is open", and "All that you got/ Skin to skin, oh my God/ Don't ya stop, boy". I love when she sings on the chorus with, Somethin' bout you makes me feel like a dangerous woman/ Somethin' bout, somethin' bout, somethin' bout you/ Makes me wanna do things that I shouldn't/ Somethin' bout, somethin' bout, somethin' bout".

Be Alright is a light, upbeat pop track with Grande letting her fans know that when we face challenges in life, eventually we'll overcome our obstacles singing, "Midnight shadows/ Where finding love is a battle/ But daylight is so close/ So, don't you worry 'bout thing/ We're gonna be alright/ We're gonna be alright/ We gonna be alright", and then moves to the refrain with, "Baby, don't you know/ All them tears gon' come and go/ Baby, you just gotta make up your mind/ That every little thing is gonna be alright".

Into You is very sexy and flirty track for Ariana as she centers herself around an addictive love interest with her singing, I'm so into you, I can barely breathe/  And all I wanna do is to fall in deep/  But close ain't close enough, 'til we cross the line, hey yeah/ So, name the game to play, and I'll roll the dice, hey", and then she gets very sensual with, "Oh baby, looked what you started/ The temperature's rising in here/ Is this gonna happen?/ Been waiting and waiting for you to make a move/ Before I make a move/ So, baby, come light me up, and maybe I'll let you on it/ A little bit dangerous, but baby that's how I want it/ A little conversation, and a little more touch my body/ 'Cause I'm so into you, into you, into you".

Side to Side is a reggae-infused song that talks about pursuing a love interest regardless of what your friends think, or how they feel. Ariana knows that this guy is not good for her, but she just chooses to brush it aside as she sings, "These friends keep talkin' way too much/ Say I should give you up/ Can't hear them, no, 'cause I.../ I've been here all night/ I've been here all day/ And boy, got me walkin' side to side (side to side)/ I've been here all night/ I've been here all day/ and boy, got me walkin' side to side". Then Nicki Minaj comes in a exchanges her verse with, "This the new style with the fresh type of flow/ Wrist icicle, ride bi-bicycle/ Come through yo, get you this type of blow/ If you wanna Minaj, I got a tricycle."

Let Me Love You featuring Lil Wayne is a slower, sexier, and dark song. Ariana is newly single on the track as she sings, "I just broke up with my ex/ Now I'm out here single, I don't really know what's next/ But I ain't even trippin', I'mma chill and sit back/ And I know they will be coming from right/ And the left, left, left". But later in the pre-chorus, Grande has found her a new man in her life and she'll stay at his house all night without feeling guilty with the lyrics, "And if it feels right, promise I don't mind/ And if it feels right, promise I'll stay here all night/ Just let me lo-o-o-o-o-o-o-love you, you/ Just let me lo-o-o-o-o-o-o-love you, you".

Greedy is a disco up-tempo track with Ariana talking being "greedy for love" singing, "Greedy, ooh/ You know that I'm greedy for love", and then she goes on into how she can't deny her feelings for this guy with, "Boy, you give me feelings never felt before/ I'm making it obvious by knocking at your door/ I know I'm coming tonight/ You know I'm coming tonight/ Don't want to deny it anymore/ Been in this state of mind/ Been in this state of mind/ Been in this state of mind all night".  Grande, again, reveals more of her sensual side with saying, "Baby, you got lucky, 'cause you're rocking with the best/ And I'm greedy/ 'Cause I'm so greedy/ 'Cause I'm so/ I ain't talking money, I'm just physically obsessed/ And I'm so greedy 'Cause I'm so greedy/ 'Cause I'm so greedy, ooh/  You know that I'm greedy for love/ You know I'm greedy for love".

Leave Me Lonely is mid tempo soulful duet with singer Macy Gray. Both of the singers exchange verses talking about a "dangerous love" with Macy singing, "Dangerous love/ You're no good to me, darling/ Yeah, you turn me away/ Like I'm begging for a dollar/ Danger, oh, how you hold me/  I get a chill inside/ And nothing frightens me, baby, oh", and then Ariana comes in with, "Is it love when so easily you say goodbye?/ Is it love when we've given up before we tried?/ Is it love when you stole my peace of mind?/ Is it love when you cry, and cry and cry?" Ariana is finally realizing that she doesn't need this man anymore. She is better off without him with the lyrics, "When you walk out that door/ Don't you come back no more/ My heart has had enough of the give and take? As much as I want you to stay/ You're a dangerous love/ Maybe you're no good for me, darling/ Cause if you're gonna love me and leave me hanging here/ Then I'd rather you leave me lonely/ Even though it hurts/ Ooh, you're a dangerous love, oh".

Everyday is a very sexually song with Grande talking about her lover giving her pleasure when she thinks about him singing, "Anytime I'm alone, I can't help thinking about you/ All I want, all I need, all I see is just me and you", and continues with, "He giving me that good trip/ That make me not quit, that good trip/ He giving me that good trip/ That make me not quit, that good trip". Then Ariana and Future come together for the chorus with, "Oh, he give it to me/ Everyday, everyday, everyday, every/ He give it to me/ Everyday, everyday, everyday, every/ Oh, he give it to me/ Everyday, everyday, everyday, every/ He give it to me/ Everyday, everyday, everyday, every".

Sometimes is an acoustic song mixed with pop as the singer mentions that she's never been caught up in a relationship singing, "I've never been so caught up/ Still so into us/  I never thought I'd be here/ Should've turned to dust/ Ooh, let's be honest, baby/ This is so unusual/ Ooh, I'm not tempted, baby/ Even if they're beautiful/ I used to be cautious/ A little too reckless/ Now all my emotions/ Are all cause of you', and then she moves on to the chorus with, "I ain't even thinking of leaving sometimes/ I ain't even thinking of letting go/ I ain't even thought of going nowhere/ I don't even see it down the road/ Cause we're collectin' moments/ Tattoos on my mind/ I ain't even thinking of leaving sometimes/ I ain't even thinking of letting go/ Not even sometimes".

Click on this link to listen to "I Don't Care"

I Don't Care is where Ariana stands her ground and says that she doesn't care about what other people think of her singing, "Used to cry about crazy stuff before/ I used to feel so obligated to be so much more/ I used to let some people tell me how to live and what to be/ But if I can't be me, the what's the point?/ I don't care about it anymore/ I don't care about it anymore".

Bad Decisions is a heavily influenced hip hop track in which Grande sheds her good girl image for talking about her lover's savage love with the lyrics, "Boy, you know that you drive me crazy/ But it's one of the things I like/ Cause you know when you need it, baby/ That I got that, ooh, ooh/ Let 'em keep, let 'em keep on talkin'/ But it don't matter what they say/ Cause you know when you hear me knockin'/ Gonna get that, ooh, ooh", and then moves into the chorus with, "We got that hood love/ We got that good love/ We got that hot love/ We got that "I don't give a what" love/ We got that one life/ Gimme that all night/ We got that Bonnie and Clyde love/ They say it's wrong, but that's the way you turn me on/ We got that hood love/ We got that good love/ Make me, make bad/  Boy, you make me make bad decisions/ Bad boy, you make me make bad decisions".

Touch It is a synth pop song where Ariana wants a romantic relationship, but her man is not committing to it with the lyrics, "How do I make the phone ring?/ Why do I even care?/ How are you all around me when you're not even there?/ When you're not even there/ How do I feel you on me when you're not on my skin?/ Why do you say you want me, then tell me you're I'm not coming in?/  Oh, yeah, baby, just come on in", and then goes to the chorus with, "Cause every time I'm with you, I go into a zone/ And I remember all the places you wanna go/ Take me all the way/ Ain't nobody gonna touch it, touch it, touch it/ 'Cause every time I see you, I don't wanna behave/ I'm tired of being patient, so let's pick up the pace/ Take me all the way/ Ain't nobody gonna touch it, touch it, touch it".

Knew Better/ Forever Boy is a two song track combined into one. The first half starts off with "Knew Better" as Ariana isn't feeling that same love she felt anymore. She sings in the intro with, "Say you can turn me on/ Boy, that's about it/ You can say what you wanna/ But I wouldn't believe it/ You could write all them songs/ That's the game that you play/ Tryna right all them wrongs/ But you can't make me stay", and then she moves on to the chorus with, "If you knew better/ Boy, you would do better/ Can't nobody love you like I do/ Baby, I can do better/ Ain't nobody like me, ain't nobody like me/ Ain't nobody like me/ Ain't nobody like me". Then the second half turns into "Forever Boy" with Grande singing about that she has never been with a boy more than six months with the lyrics, "Never been with a boy more than six months/ I couldn't do it, got too used to it/ Ain't nobody ever kept my attention/ They couldn't do it, yeah, boy, they blew it", and continues with, "Oh, be forever mine, you and I/ Oh, be forever mine, boy, all the time/ You're my forever, boy/ You're my forever, boy/ You're my forever, boy".

Thinking About You serves as the album's closer. Ariana sings about when her lover is away and she has to take care of herself with the lyrics, "I've been thinkin' about you/ Yeah, I've been missing you/ I can still hear your voice/  I ain't got no choice/ 'Cause I'm here all alone/  I know I can't wait 'til you get home", and then she reflects on the memories of her past singing, "Oh, I don't have you here with me/ But at least I have the memories/ I try to make it through the night/ But I can't control my mind/ I'm just thinkin' bout you/ I'm thinkin' bout you, I'm thinkin' bout you/ I'm just thinkin' 'bout you/ I'm thinkin' 'bout you, I'm thinkin' 'bout you".

Overall, I love Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande. I would rate it a 10/10. My favorite songs are Side to Side, Into You, Dangerous Woman, Touch It, Sometimes, Greedy, Moonlight, Bad Decisions, and Knew Better/Forever Boy.

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Beyonce: 2 Years of Lemonade

On April 23, 2016, singer Beyoncé released her iconic sixth studio album Lemonade. This album was also marked as her second visual album following her fifth self-titled album Beyoncé in 2013.

On February 6, 2016, Beyoncé released a song called "Formation" along with the music video on YouTube.

Two months later on April 17th, Beyoncé teased her fans with a video titled Lemonade on YouTube.

The description for Lemonade says that it's a "world premiere event" that is set to be released on April 23rd on HBO. It turned out that Lemonade on HBO was actually a one hour film for the singer's sixth studio album of the same name when she surprise released it immediately after it ended.
The film features 12 visual of the some of the songs on the album along with cameos from people like Serena Williams, Zendaya, Chloe x Halle, husband Jay-Z, daughter Blue Ivy and others.

After being released on streaming services like Tidal created by husband Jay-Z and ITunes, Lemonade went straight to number one the Billboard 200 making Beyoncé the first woman to have six number one albums. The album also explores with genres like reggae, rock, gospel, country, blues, pop, funk, electronic and trap music. Beyoncé create a Black movement and culture from the use if poetry and the powerful yet breathtaking visuals that she had blessed us with. I never listened to Lemonade nor have I watched the film, but when I do, I promise that I will do a review on it once I have purchased it. Thank you, Beyoncé for making this album and showing the world that you support the Black movement from adding the mothers of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and Eric Garner in "Forward" to breaking down this woman's remarkable journey into eleven chapters. Keep making more music like this and don't you ever stop. 

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Jhene Aiko "Souled Out" album review

Souled Out is the debut album by American singer Jhene Aiko. It was released on September 9, 2014. The album is primarily alternative R&B, but it explores with different genres like neo soul, hip hop, psychedelic music, and electronica. Souled Out is a concept album that tells the story of a woman's heartbreak before she becomes enlightened. 

Limbo Limbo Limbo serves as the opening song for the album. It paints a picture about a girl who had been hurt so much that it just became normal to her and then she escape from the reality and into this fantasy world. Jhene sings on the beginning with, "She was born in limbo/ With the need to be as simple/ As her makers and the made up things she dreamed/ Falling from high buildings ' til she/ Was numb to the feeling really/ She would never be quite what she seemed/ She was just as hollow as the/ Earth opened up, swallowing her/ Off the grid and into paradise, her whole life", and then continues on to the hook with, "On a ride/ Her whole life is on a ride/ On a ride/ Life is on a ride".

Click on the link to listen to "W.A.Y.S" on YouTube

W.A.Y.S is the second song on Souled Out. The song is an acronym for "Why Aren't You Smiling?" as the singer pays tribute to her deceased brother Miyagi who died of cancer on July 19, 2012.

It appears as if Miyagi is visiting Jhene in her dreams as an angel as Aiko says, "At forty-four minutes to four/ An angel walked up to my door/ Opened the windows to my soul/ Told me he thinks that I should know/ There's no slowing down/ As the globe spins 'round and 'round", and then he begins to encourage her with these words on the track to which Aiko responds, "You better keep going, better keep going/ Better keep going, you better keep going/ Better keep going, you better keep going/ You better keep going, you better keep going/ You better keep going".

 Click here to listen to "To Love & Die" on YouTube

To Love & Die finds Aiko playing the role of the prisoner of love and war with a little assistance from James Fauntleroy from the music group Cocaine 80s. She begins with, "Suited and booted, I've been hit by Cupid/ I'm being recruited/ I'm ready for war/ I'm ready for more/ Hold your position/ Load up ammunition/ I won't fail this mission/ Cause, baby, I'm yours/ Cause where I'm from/ We live for the love, die by the love/ We live for the love, die for the love". This song also contains an interpolation of 50 Cent's classic song "Many Men (Wish Death).

Click on the link to watch "Spotless Mind" video on YouTube

Spotless Mind is described as a "smooth" track that has an "island vibe" when you listen to it. Aiko is addressing her ex-boyfriend after their breakup while also wandering in a reverie singing, "Change is inevitable/ Why hold on to what you have to let go of?/ Like, did I really break your heart?/ Was it all my fault?/ If you don't knock it off/ You know like I know where this was heading/ I'm wanderer/ I'm wanderer, baby/ I'm wanderer/ I'm wanderer".

Click on this link to listen to "It's Cool" on YouTube

It's Cool is an R&B song with bluesy riffs and instrumentals.  It about the singer falling in love with a man who only wanted her for physical interest. She sings, "My escape from everything/ Please say you'll be my nothing/ And I will give you everything/ Man, you are really something else/ You caught at an awful time/ See, I just lost my smile/ And that is what you helped me find/ Hadn't seen it in a while", and then admits on the hook that she doesn't mind their relationship being a casual thing, but it doesn't have to be that way saying, "But it's cool/ We ain't gotta be nothing/ It's true/ I'd actually prefer it, yeah/ It's on you, it's on you, it's on you/ It's on you, it's on you, it's on you/ It's on you, it's on you, it's on you/ It's on you, cause I'm cool".

Lyin King is talking about the same guy that Aiko mentioned on the previous track "It's Cool". When she sings, "Okay, so you just/ Go around breaking hearts just to see what is inside/ Go around stealing them, feeding them to your pride", she is referencing to this person as a heart-breaker who likes to break girls' heart only to make his ego bigger then what it seems. Jhene has also had her heart broken by this man and is tried of dealing with him saying on, "Did you ever stop and think that I might really need that/ To stay alive?/ I'm starting to believe that you don't really see that/ I had given you my life, oh yeah". The singer is starting to realize that this man is caught up in his selfish ways so much, that she sings on the hook with, "You will never know, you will never know no good (Never know a good thing)/ You will never know, no/ You will never know, you will never know no good".

Wading is a dreamy mid tempo song as Aiko speaks holding on to the man in the black suit and hopes that he will be the on for her. Jhene samples a Tupac verse on this track singing, "Picture me rolling/ Out in the open, baby, I know/ That you would notice/ You have been hoping I wouldn't go", and then she makes a play for words like "waiting" and "wading" on the hook saying, "Should I be waiting?/ Should I be waiting for you?/ Don't keep me wading/ I will turn blue".

The Pressure is an alternative R&B song with elements of hip hop music. This was inspired by the stress of Aiko finishing her debut album. On the song, she opens up with, "I care about you, baby, baby/ More than you'll ever know/ More than you'll ever know/ Please do on drive me crazy, crazy/ Unless you're gonna go with me", and then moves on to the hook where she talks about not dealing with any pressure saying, "No pressure/ No pressure, I know you're real/ The pressure/ The pressure will make you feel".

Brave talks about the danger of loving someone as Aiko sings, "Broken hearts are made for two/ One for me and one for you/ Tell me have you heard the news/ We are now in love/ So guess that I should mention/ That I am in no condition/ To put you in this position". She begins to realize that she made a mistake, but it doesn't matter to her with lyrics like, "But whatever the case, you're my favorite mistake/ More than happy to make you/ If you decide to stay, know there is no escape/ There's no one here to save you/ But you're so brave/ Stone cold crazy for loving me/ Yeah, I'm amazed/ I hope you make it out alive".

Eternal Sunshine is a piano driven song that was inspired by the film "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" along with the fourth track "Spotless Mind".

Here, this is considered as a seminal part of Jhene's journey on the album. She reflects on the time of where she almost died in the L.A. Riots as a child singing, "Is it strange for me to say that if I were to die today/ There's not a thing that I would change, I've lived well", and then she goes on to think about the happy memories after trying to "erase" from her brain just like in the film saying, "All of the good things, good things/ All of the good things, good things/ Only the good, the good, the good/ Only the good, the good, the good".

Promises is a message to her daughter and brother. She talks about on the beginning of the track of wanting to be with Namiko, but her music career is making it hard for her singing, "I've been coming home late night/ I've been sleeping past daylight/ I'm waking up, you're not by my side/ Baby, that ain't right/  I wanna be there with you/  I really do be missing you/ Everything I do is for you/ And I really do adore you". Her daughter also make an appearance on the hook as the singer asks, "Just promise you'll be alright, promise you'll be alright", to which Nami responds with, "If anything (Alright, promise I'll be alright)/(Promise I'll be alright, promise I'll be alright)/ If anything should happen (Promise I'll be alright)/ (Promise I'll be alright, promise I'll be, promise I'll be alright)". The second verse of the song get very personal for Aiko as she addresses about wanting to take her life after her brother's death with, "I don't think that I can make it/ I don't think that I can make it/ But then I hear you say that/ I bet not do nothing crazy/ Cause Nami really needs you/ And I would never leave you/ Cause I am in the stars/ And everywhere you are".

Click on the link to listen to "Pretty Bird (Freestyle)" on YouTube

Pretty Bird (Freestyle) talks about Aiko's troubles that she has faced singing on the chorus with, And I said, and I said/ Pretty bird, pretty bird, pretty bird, pretty bird/ Sounds so pretty when you cry/ Pretty bird, pretty bird, pretty bird, pretty bird/  You're so pretty, but why I never see you fly?/ Pretty bird, pretty bird, I know you're hurtin'/ Well so am I, so am I". Rapper Common make an appearance as the end rapping, "I've seen the strongest of them be torn from men/ Ripped apart and get put back together/ Them the ones with the most beautiful feathers/ Let's flock together, rock together, Nirvana/ A birds persona to be free and honor".

Remember is based on a relationship that Jhene had previously been in. She tells the story how her man got another woman pregnant and fed up about it because he didn't claim the baby as his with the lyrics, "This is the saddest story that I have ever heard/ Call early in the morning when I got the word/ She says that it's his son, he says not at all/ Please miss me with the excuses/ I am not involved, no not at all". Then he tries to throw guilt on her decision to leave with, "Calm down/ You know my heart/ Can't take anymore/ Said this before", and then she wants him to remember how they got here singing, "Do you remember, do you remember you?/ Do you remember, you remember who you were?/ Do you remember who you were?/ Do you remember, you remember you?/  Do you remember, you remember who you were to me?/ Cause I do".

Blue Dream is the last song on the deluxe edition of Souled Out. Blue Dream was originally titled "My Afternoon Dream" and it was produced by Key Wane.  Lyrically, it's about a strain of Cannabis sativa called  "Blue Dream" as Jhene sings, "My afternoon dream when the world is sleeping/ I am still thinking of my blue dream/ It's bliss".

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I love this album by Jhene Aiko. I would give it a 10/10. My favorite songs are Promises, Spotless Mind, Eternal Sunshine, Pretty Bird (Freestyle), W.A.Y.S, and Remember.

Thanks again for time. I will talk to you again tomorrow.

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