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Tinashe "Nightride" review

Nightride is the fifth mixtape by singer and songwriter Tinashe. Nightride was released in November 4, 2016. In addition to that, the singer also released a six minute film of the same name. You can watch that video when you click on the link down below.

On the opening song "Lucid Dreaming", Tinashe is reflecting on how much of a strong and independent woman she has become as a singer-songwriter. On the first verse lyrics, "I been caught up in a moment/ I been moving state to state/ I'm not sure what's heavier/ What's on my mind or on my plate", the singer is talking about a time when she had to move from Lexington, KY to Los Angeles at the age of 8. By her being a multi-talented child, Tinashe was bullied and mocked by her peers.

C'est La Vie, meaning it's life in English, is the second track on Nightride. It's an expression that means to accept or resign in the face of a difficult or unpleasant situation. The singer is pleading with her lover to stay with her singing, "Finally feeling free for the night, I got no worries/ Finally cut a lame out my life, baby, c'est la vie/ I got plenty trees for the flight/ Think I'll stay a while, I'll think a stay a while/ Ah, baby, stay with me."

After going through a breakup on C'est La Vie, Tinashe is having post breakup thoughts.
On Sunburn, she opens up the first verse with, "Sunburn in my eyes, I've been looking up/ Need to come down, it's been fun/ Got sunburn in my eyes, I've been looking up/ Trying to hold on to this feeling", and then she questioning her lover's loyalty to her with, Is this where you run?/ Is this where you left me?/ Is this where you leave me all alone, hmm?/ My tongue has turned to gold/ When I tried to tell you/ I got paper cuts in my teeth now". In the chorus where Tinashe sings, "I'm seeing pink 'cause I've been looking at the brightside/ I ain't letting nobody cloud up all my blue sky", it means she's not going to let anybody upset her when she's happy.

Binaural Test is a 14 second interlude where the singer humming "Mmmmmm" throughout the track.

Click on the link below to listen to "Sacrifices"

Sacrifices is a dark and moody trap song where someone is looking to get in the mood with Tinashe.

Company is an alternative R&B song with synth-pop elements. It's about flirty play of a young woman not being able to commit to someone, but still having a good time. On the hook of the song, Tinashe sings, "I don't need the lovin'/ So don't make this something/ I'm nothing like a girlfriend/ I'm not like someone I'm supposed to be/ And I just need some company, company/ I just need some company. company/ I just need some company, company/ I just need some company, company".

Click on the link below to listen to "Soul Glitch"

Soul Glitch is about Tinashe being with someone who make her grow cold and now their soul constantly glitches. She tells her lover on the chorus, "Couple of miles till the deep blue/ Walking in the snow, filled me up with joy/ Ice in my head cause I'm coldish/ Don't blame me, you the reason why your soul glitch".

You Don't Know Me is a message to all of  Tinashe's haters. The intro in this song is reversed as she sings, "What can I do? What can I do?/ You can catch me in the dark of night getting my whole life/ Underneath the sapphire sky/Your perception of me is so untrue".

Spacetime is described as a "more risky highlife romance song" as Tinashe sings to her lover, "Don't act like you don't know me, yeah/ Think about me when you're lonely/ You're so crazy, how you came to me/ Windows tinted cause we lowkey/ We're so shady, you're forever/ I swear it's never felt like this before/ I swear it's never felt like this before".

High Speed Chase is the second interlude on Nightride and it was produced by Tinashe's brother, King Kachingwe. It serves as a prelude to "Ride of Your Life" as Tinashe sings, "High speed chase like I'm looking for something/ High speed chase like I'm looking for something/ No more time for second guessing, it's pointless/ 3, 4, 5 miles away from your doorway/ High speed chase cause I'm running from something/ I woke up feeling less of a lover".

Ride of Your Life is where Tinashe shows off her multiple use of car metaphors saying, "Oh yeah, we driving fast in the slow lane/ I do them stunts like a movie/ We be on jet's, a Jacuzzi/ We busting off like a UZI/ Yeah, I be on the block with shawty/ Need a re-up, we connect with a homie/ Every time I call it, pull up on me".

Click the link below to listen to "Party Favors"

Party Favors is a solo track by Tinashe that originally featured Young Thug. On this version, Tinashe is showing off her new refrain vocals with her singing, "I brought some to the party for you, oh/ I'll mix it up and serve it for you/ Party favors for you/ Party favors for you".

You Can Stay Here Tonight is the last interlude on the mixtape in where the singer says, "You can stay here tonight".

Touch Pass is dance-pop song where Tinashe delivers her sweet vocals. This track is also similar to "Company" for being a sexy track with a danceable snap beat as she sings on the chorus, Don't ask, just do/ Your hands, want to/ You got a touch pass, come through/ You know my heart, I trust you".

Click on the link below to listen to "Ghetto Boy"

Ghetto Boy is the last song on Night Ride. It runs for five minutes and three seconds as the singer talks about keeping her relationship with her ghetto boy a secret singing, "I was running through the meadows/ Through the meadows with my ghetto boy/ Come and see me in the shadows/ I've been waiting in the corners for you/ Come on, baby, lift your head up/ Look around and see that we're alone/ Don't you think it's time you noticed/ This is everything that's waiting for you".

I love this Night Ride mixtape. I would give this a 10/10. This is one of my favorite albums by her so far. I can't wait to post a review on her second studio album "Joyride" for you guys. I'm so excited.

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