H.E.R. Focus (Feat. DJ Envy & Chris Brown) remix review

I have another H.E.R. review for you guys. This time it's about a remixed version of her song Focus from Vol. 1 featuring DJ Envy and Chris Brown. The Focus (remix) was released on April 30, 2018.  H.E.R. and Chris Brown harmonize together on the chorus of the song singing, Me-Can you focus on me?/ Baby, can you focus on me?/ Me-Me/ Can you focus on me?/ Baby, can you focus on me?" Then Brown exchanges his verse with, "What is this a joke?/ You know I get this money/ So, I guess you can't complain (mm)/ You don't have to be alone/You been running through my mind all day/ Baby, I just want you to let up (ohh)/ Maybe I been a little selfish, I should do better (yeah)". H.E.R. then begin to closes out on the outro saying, "Baby, focus/ Can't you see?/ I just wanna love you, baby/ Look me in the eyes". I love the remixed along with the original version of this song. H.E.R. and Chris Brown sound really good together. I was not expecting this collaboration, but now I'm so happy that it did. Y'all know that I am a huge fan of H.E.R. I could get used to her music because it's so relaxing to your ears along with her smooth, sultry voice. You don't know what you're missing. I give this song a 10/10 Make sure that you listen to Focus (remix) on SoundCloud and Google Play.
                                                               Here are the links for it:

                     Also, check out the H.E.R. Focus (Dpat Remix) on SoundCloud as well:

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