H.E.R. "Your Way" review

Your Way is a standalone single by R&B singer H.E.R. that was released on February 4, 2017. The track contains a sample from "Come Over" by Aaliyah featuring Tank. It's about the singer referencing to the relationship with her lover as she speeds throughout the West Coast in a effort to desperately reach them. The intro begins with, "(Baby I wanna come see you/Said I really wanna come see you/ Don't you worry 'bout a thing/ Just wanting to hold you/ Baby I wanna come see you/ Said I really wanna come see you/ Don't you worry 'bout a thing/ Just wanting to hold you)", and sings on the first verse, "Boy, you've been lurking in my mind/ And you know it wasn't long before/ I had a feeling this was right". Then the bridge talks about H.E.R. speeding down the U.S. Route 101 (also known as El Camino) at 12:01 singing, "Speeding down the 101/ It's about 12:01 am/ Wanna spend some one on one time with you/ And I ain't even gotta front/ I could never get enough/ We can do whatever you want to do", and then goes on the hook with the lyrics, "You can have it your way/ Your way/ Your way / So, I'm coming your way/ Your way/ So, you can have it your/ Have it your/ Have it your way". The song ends with the singer changing her mind about their romance and begins to start having doubts about him with lyrics like, "Maybe I'm going too far/ I should just stay in my car/ Maybe I'm losing my mind/ I'm running all of the lights/ Wondering what we are/ We are, we are, we are".

I love Your Way by H.E.R. and hope that she continues to release more songs like this one. 10/10 for Your Way is what I'll give it. Listen to Your Way on SoundCloud and YouTube. Here are the links for it:
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