Saturday, June 30, 2018

Grown-ish Season 1 review

I have decided to make my last blog for the month of June very special and different for you guys. I'm doing a review on a TV show called grown-ish. Grown-ish is the spinoff to the ABC series black-ish starring Anthony Anderson.

 It was created by the creator of black-ish' Kenya Barris and premiered on Freeform on January 3, 2018. Anthony Anderson is also the  The show follows Zoey Johnson (Yara Shahidi) as she heads to college, but when she finally gets there, things doesn't go as planned.

 The cast of Grown-ish also stars Trevor Jackson as Aaron,

 Francia Raisa as Ana,

 Emily Arlook as Nomi,

 Luka Sabbat as Luca,

 Jordan Buhat as Vivek,

 and Chloe & Halle Bailey as twin sisters Jazlyn and Skylar.

 So, I watched all 13 episodes of Grown-ish on Hulu and I immediately fell in love with this show. It all started with the first episode when Zoey Johnson begins to transition into college at Cal U, which is something that her dad Dre (Anthony Anderson) doesn't approve of. Later on in the show, we meet some of her friends at night class. Aaron, Zoey's crush and friend. Zoey has had a crush on him since they first met. Jazlyn and Skylar, twin sisters and are also star track athletes at Cal U. Both of these girls are sassy, smart, and focused on the big picture. Vivek, a first generation Gujarati Indian. His parents are Hindus. He is also a drug dealer and likes to support his fashion choices. Luka, a trend setter and also very independent. He once wore the same skirt as Zoey, but much better. He is also a stoner. Ana, a freshman at Cal U and Zoey's roommate. She was left at a party by her friend after she threw up drinking too much alcohol, but her and Zoey eventually become friends again in "B, Don't Kill My Vibe". Nomi, a Jewish American who turns out to be bisexual, but just not out to her family. Dean Burt (Chris Parnell) who is the dean of Cal U. He is also Nomi's uncle.

 And then there's Professor Charlie (Deon Cole), a night time professor who is teaching a class called "Digital Marketing Strategies", which is basically all about drones. He is also a regular character on black-ish.

 After watching Grown-ish for the first time, I learned a lot of things in the world that I didn't know about.  Like, having a hard time to date as a black girl when you're Jazz and Sky in "It's Hard Out Here For a Pimp" or when you're wondering if the guy that really like you only sees you as a "late night hookup" like Zoey in "If You're Reading This, It's Too Late". Safe spaces, a place where you can speak your mind and nobody judges you for it in "Safe and Sound" and choosing between three guys, in Zoey's case, who are all in love with you at the same time in "Back and Forth". They also tackled on drugs, college parties, sexuality and relationships. So, if you guys need a new show to watch while you're bored, then you should definitely grown-ish. It's kinda like a teenage version of black-ish except Zoey is taking the place of being a narrator instead of Anthony Anderson. I even like the fact that they made Nomi bisexual and showed off her experiences as a girl who is bi. I would give grown-ish a 10/10. I was really moved by what they taught in that show. Freeform has also renewed the show for a second season with 20 episodes! I can't wait to see Zoey and her friends in season 2. Until then, make sure that you go and watch season 1 of grown-ish on Hulu, Vudu, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video and on the Freeform website. Here are the links for you to check out:

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