H.E.R. Yeah I Said It (Remix) review

Yeah, I Said It (Remix) is a song by R&B singer H.E.R that was released on November 16, 2016. It is a remixed cover version of Rihanna's song of the same name from her eighth studio album ANTI. H.E.R. begins to sing the song's original lyrics with her sweet vocals on the second verse with, "Boy, I always like to show/ Get a little bit, come a little close, now/ Take it home on your camera phone/ Get a little bad, baby, watch me blow it down". She also adds a new verse to the track on the outro that she wrote herself with the lyrics, "All you gonna do is say, "Yes"/ I ain't worried about a label/ Going in like we ain't got no time left/ Pick me up and put your dinner on the table/ Don't stop, ah, won't stop/ 'Til I feel it in the right spot/ Now I'm on top/ Yeah, I said it/ Give it to you right, you won't forget it/ Boy, get out your feelings and forget 'em/ Oooh, yeah".

I thought H.E.R. did an excellent job on covering Rih's song and adding her own flavor to it. I can't wait to do more cover songs like this one in the near future. I give this track a 9/10.
Make sure that you go and listen to H.E.R.'s Yeah, I Said It (Remix) on SoundCloud and YouTube. Here are the links for you:


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