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Tinashe "Reverie" review

Reverie is the second mixtape by singer Tinashe that was released on September 6, 2012. It was recorded in a home recording studio in her bedroom. Reverie is very different from Tinashe's first mixtape In Case We Die (2012). Musically, it does have the same PBR&B and alternative hip hop sound from In Case We Die, but instead touches on new genres like electronica, indie pop, glitch hop, post-dubstep and alternative rock music. 

Fear Not serves as the opening song for Reverie. It starts off with a sermon from Brian Houghston, the senior pastor of Hillsong Church. The song is about encouraging the whole world to wake up with the lyrics, "Tryna to live my life/ Working for a cause/ Chasing my ambitions/ Giving it my all/ How you supposed to lift your own feet off the ground/ When the whole world tryin' to bring you down?/ When the whole world tryin' to bring you down", and then she tell her listeners, "Just prepare cause I'm about to get the whole world on their feet/ No matter what you do, I'm not afraid of you/ My soul belongs to me/ Fear not, I got you, always/ Fear not, my love/ Fear not, my love, I got you".

Stargazing is about Tinashe wishing to get the attention of a guy singing, "I'm still wishing on a star/ Hope that you will feel me wherever you are/ I'm still living in a dream/ Someday you will fall in love with me/ (Someday you will fall in love with me)/ I'm still wishing on a star/ I'm still wishing on a star". Then she talks about how she could be his girl in many different ways saying, "I give you the world/ Nobody better, baby, no other girl/ Who can you love, boy, love you long time/ Never met a drug that could get you this high/ And I hope that you come cause you're invited/ Nice and slow I'mma drive your body crazy/ Whatever you want, I gotcha, my baby/ Anything you need, I'll make it so right/ Just give me a chance to make me your lady/ Don't you wanna see what I can provide, oh?"

Yours finds Tinashe talking about being with a guy and making him belong to her. She sings, "I'ma lay it down so nice/ Tonight I wanna go round twice, oh/ You're about to lose some sleep/ Messin' with a freak like me/ And baby, I'll be the best/ I can guarantee no less/ You'll tell me that I've beat the rest". The song then falls into "Sweet Satisfaction".  On Sweet Satisfaction, she's falling in love with this guy even more with the lyrics, "You're just what I've been needing in my life/ You're just what I've been needing in my life/ Because no one can love me like you can/ It's getting later and if you want it, don't keep me waiting/ Cuz I'm falling for you, boy in a hurry/ There's something 'bout the way you move/ And when I think there ain't no one who deserves me/ You do, you do/ 'Cuz you love me with a fire and a passion/ I think I'm falling hard for you too/ So please touch me, give me sweet satisfaction".

Slow is about the highs that you feel when you're in a relationship and the nerves go down when you become comfortable with that special someone. Tinashe finds this experience that she is feeling with her man as "magical" as she sings on the chorus, "My heart beats slowly/ My heart beats slowly/ And my heart beats slowly/ My heart beats slow/ Slow now that you're here/ Differences gotta hold on me/ Imma let my hair down, my hair down/ Baby, I am here now, I'm here now/ Trying to have no fear/ When you run down this love 'til I break/ Listen to me clear now, clear now/ Baby, I am here now, I'm here now". 

Another Me is mainly about the singer after a breakup with her mate. He tells him that he will never find another girl like her singing, "Did she make your heart beat faster than I could?/ Did she give you what you hoped for?/ Oh, nights", and continues on the chorus with, "Yeah, don't get me wrong, babe, I don't want ya back/ But, nobody else can give you what we had/ You know it's real cause I can guarantee/ You ain't gon ever meet another me/ Another me, another me, yeah/ You ain't gon ever meet another me/ Another me, another me, another me, oh, oh, oh". This track also contains a sample of "Love" by English band Daughter in the beginning.

Come When I Call is where Tinashe needs her lover to just love her, but they don't have to speak words about it, she just wants to feel him there, but he's not even there with her when she needs him the most. On the first verse, she sings, "Hey, you got my back on the wall/ But for the things I need, you ain't help me at all/ I think it's time that these walls crumble and fall/ Yes, you indeed love me, but will you ever come when I call?/ But would you come when I call?/ But would you come when I call?/ Yes, you indeed love me, but will you ever come when I call?/ I think it's time for these walls to crumble and fall/ Your love is felt, not seen, I don't feel you at all, no".

Illusions is a 50 second interlude produced by Tinashe with a man speaking on the entire track saying, "I've come to terms with the fact that nothing is what it seems.../ What you've been taught is that who you are isn't quite good enough/ You know you need to be slightly more than, bigger than, brighter than, smarter than, slimmer than, fatter than, richer than how you are at the moment/ It's just some idea that sometime in the future you can be better than how you are right now/ But it's 2 precise ideas that you've accumulated and that you've been fed/ So if you look happy with who you are/ It's actually good news because you're not who you think you are/ (This life is an illusion)/ Who you think you are, is who you think you are".

Reverie is where the singer and her lover are living in a day dream type state with one another. On the first verse, Tinashe sings, "We've been eating these lies/ And they've been feeding us all lies/ What happened to our blue skies?/ Yo, they be getting us young, learn to love institution/ This new world has begun", and then moves to the chorus with, "We are in reverie/ And everything you thought you know/ Isn't what it seems/ Only truth, truth will set you free/ And I will never lie to you/ So listen, close to me".

I'm Selfish is about this girl who is also so happens to be Tinashe's best friend, but when her friend kissed her in the "Chainless" music video, she didn't expect for it to happen.
 It made her begin to question her sexuality and then her friends notice that she started to weird around them. She sings on the first verse, "Hit me hard with your lips on me/ Caught me so off guard red like roses/ And my friends saw our first kiss", and she continues on the pre-chorus with, "Ever since I met you, what I think of love has changed/ Made me question my perception everything has rearranged/ And I try to fight it, I don't wanna put you through no pain/ When I tell you that I need a man again". Then, she tells on her friend on the chorus, "Guess that, I'm selfish, I'm sorry/ Can't help it need that body/ Won't be here forever/ Come get it now or never".

Click on this link to listen to "Ecstasy"

Ecstasy talks about how the singer wanting to show how much she loves her mate singing, "You feel me deep down, you got me so quick/ You hold me on tight, I'm singing so sweet/ You fill me with light to the tip of my feet", then on the first verse, she says, "Uh yeah, and I'll be yours for the night/ (Tell me what you wanna do)/ Do anything you like/ (All my thoughts focused on you)/ Wanna let you know/ I'm never gon' let you go/ Uh, keep doing me right/ You make me feel like". On the chorus, Tinashe says the love that she has a with her man is what she believes in with the lyrics, "You are the only one that I believe in/Nothing ever get in my way/ If distance puts a little time between us/ You say, "Baby, you're worth the wait"./ Just remember how much I please ya/ Don't forget the next time I see ya/ All night long, you gon' be ecstasy, eh-eh, oh".

Also, check out the music video for "Ecstasy" on YouTube. Here's the link:

Who Am I Working For is a slow spacey song where Tinashe finds herself trying to provide for her family the best thing that she knows how. She opens up the song with, "I gotta get another job now/ Cuz I can't seem to make enough money/ I've been working so hard now/ But I still can't provide for my family/ There is a knockin' at the door/ Tax-man here, government want more/ (Want more, government more)/ Who am I working for?", and continues with, "(And I wanna let go)/ My strength is running out but I can't quit now/ And I'm nearly going under... can't help but wonder/ Who am I working for, who am I working for?/ (Work, work)/ Who am I working for, who am I working for?" This track contains a sample of Britney Spears' song "Blur".

You can watch the official Who Am I Working For? music video below:

Let You Love Me (XXYYXX Remix) is a remixed of the song that was featured on Tinashe's debut mixtape In Case We Die, but producer XXYYXX decides to add his spin on the track. She sings, "You got the... swag/ Baby, I can meet you at the... car/ Left it with the nice valet out... back/ We can drive away and go so... far/ So far", and then moves on to the chorus, "I like it when you come in and take up all/ The space in mind/ My mind/ I'm boutta let... gonna let, I think I'll let you love/ Me tonight." The song with the singer singing, "I'll let you lick me down, down, a-down, down down/ I'll let you lick me down, down, a-down, down down."

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