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Chloe x Halle "The Two of Us" review

The Two of Us is the free debut mixtape by R&B duo Chloe x Halle that was released on March 16, 2017. It was made available to all streaming platforms.

Click on this link to listen to "Used to Love" on YouTube

Used to Love serves as the opening track for The Two of Us. It's a light-hearted song that talks about a relationship going awry with Chloe singing on the first verse, "How come you don't answer when I call you on a Wednesday?/ When I hit you with a smile, you frown, you're never friendly/Duck and dodge me but I know you're never really busy/ That's some foul play and you misstyled it", then both of the girls sing on the chorus, "We used to love (we used, we used to love, yeah)/ We used to love (we used, we used to love, yeah)/ We used to love (we used, we used to love, yeah)/ We used to love (we used, we used to love, yeah)".

Click here to listen to "Too Much Sauce" on YouTube

Too Much Sauce is about all of the boys acting like babies towards Chloe and Halle. The girls, however, are teaching  these boys a lesson about being a gentleman to them. Halle sings in the beginning, "Boys texting me and/ Begging me to see 'em/ You can't schedule an appointment with a queen like me/ I'm the forbidden fruit/ Steadily watching you/ Try and make a move/ Don't you know you gonna lose?", and then Chloe comes on the second verse with, "All in my glory/ Hittin' my phone and/ Reading my stories/ Man, are you lonely?/ Leave me alone/ I want you gone and/ Ain't got time for borin'/ You make me snoring/ Wish you were foreign/ All in my glory/ All in my glory". Then the song begins to go into "Future".

Click here to listen to "Future"

Future is the first interlude on the project. The girls believe that they can see the future in your eyes saying, "Baby, I can see the future in your eyes." Future then leads into "Poppy Flower".

Poppy Flower is about this guy messing around with some fast girls and Chloe x Halle about how some of these girls would wish to be this dude's "poppy flower" along with the girls. They sing on the chorus, "I can be your poppy flower/ Fall into a coma after hours/ I can make you feel, real, real, real nice, oh/ Let me be your poppy flower/ Poppy flower/ Poppy flower/ Poppy flower/ Poppy flower".

 Click to listen to "Chase"

Chase is the second interlude where the sisters find themselves wondering if this guy ever thinks about them just like they do with him. The song opens up with, "I sometimes wonder if you even wonder, oh/ About me and see me in your dream/ Like I do in my dream, do you even wonder?/ What are you mocked to the phone/ Thinking of it like I do cause it's not a wonder". The girls then begin to set this guy straight saying, "Cause if you're trying to play me for a fool/ Well little mister man, let me tell you/ The only heart that's gonna break it ain't mine/ Buckle up, I'm bout to take over that's right, right, right". Then the track moves into "Partna". 

Click to listen to "Partna"

Partna is the third interlude that is all about needing more than a friend, but more like a partner to be with. Both girls sing on the chorus, "Friendship never did me well/ I always fell under their spell/ I need a partner/ Give me a partner".

 Click here to listen to "Dum Dum Dum"

Dum Dum Dum is the fourth interlude that 28 seconds with the girls repeating, "Dum Dum Dum (yeah)/ Dum Dum Dum (yeah)/ Dum Dum Dum (yeah)/ Dum Dum Dum (yeah)". Dum Dum Dum then goes into "Worries".

 Click to listen to "Worries"

Worries is the fifth interlude that features Steve Lacy. Halle and Steve sings about forgetting all of you worries saying, "So, I follow the base line/ Sing away all of the worries/ Goes like, shoo be do la la/ Bah, bah, all of the worries". Then Worries leads into "Upset Stomach".

Click to listen to "Upset Stomach"

Upset Stomach is where a man uses some corny lines and intrusive compliments throughout the song with Chloe x Halle expressing that they feel sick or have an "upset stomach" when being approached by this type of man singing, "You're causing me to have an upset stomach/ With the words coming out your mouth/ Going coming out your mouth/ Upset stomach/ Up-up-up upset stomach/ Up-up-up-up-up-up-up - stomach". Then on the first verse Chloe is expressing her feeling towards the man with the lyrics, "Hush be quiet, I'm already not feeling well (huh)/ Please be silent, so I can start feeling well (huh)/ I don't like hurting feelings/ But you're making me feel worse/ (What's up, babe?)/ No offense, I'm just sick/ But you're making me feel worse/ Hush be quiet, I'm already not feeling well (huh-huh)".

Simple is where the girls talk about the frustrations with the people who believe that their music is "too complicated to understand" so they address them in a calm and simple fashion. In this short intro, Chloe x Hall are saying, "No, I'm not calling anybody out it's just/ People telling us, "Oh, you know, your stuff's too complex for the average ear to get it. Maybe you should just be simple"./ Huh?/ That doesn't make any sense/ So, today we're writing this song called (together) simple/ And it's gonna be (together) simple". Halle opens up her verse with, "X equals Y, nevermind/ You're still at grade three, so would you excuse me?", then the girls sing on the chorus, "Is this simple enough for you?/ Is this simple enough for you?/ Does your brain not know what to do?/ Is this simple enough for you?/ ABC, 123/ Pacify the baby/ Is this simple enough for you?/ Is this simple enough for you?". Then Chloe exchanges her verse with, "I'll be your teacher for the day/ But we speak different languages/ Je se va su quand foo foo/ Je no comprend pour la boo boo/ Boo boo, boo boo". On the bridge, they tell their haters, "I'm not gonna dumb down my mind for you/ I'm not gonna dumb down my mind for you-you-you/ So, you understand that I don't want to be deluded/ Ay no, I'm not gonna dumb down my mind for you-you-you".

 Click here to listen to "Mistake"

Mistake is the sixth interlude on The Two of Us. It's a piano-driven song where the sisters may make some mistakes in the past, but the change comes through lessons learned. Chloe sings, "I make mistake/ More than I can count on my fingers/ We good today/ Then the wrong things come and linger/ Forgive and forget/ But some things I remember/ But I learn and then it's over (oh oh)", then they come together and say, "That's why pencil come with eraser/ (Pencil come with eraser)/ Pencil come with eraser/ We don't have to be paper tracers/ Cause, pencil come with eraser".

Click here to listen to "All I Ever Wanted"

All I Ever Wanted is a 42 second interlude that leads into "Tra Tra Tra". Chloe x Halle repeats the song's title sixteen times with their voices changing each time they're saying, "All I ever wanted, (All I ever-), All I ever-/ All I ever wanted, (All I ever-), All I ever-/ All I ever wanted, (All I ever-), All I ever-/ All I ever wanted". Then the song transitions into "Tra Ta Ta".

 Click here to listen to "Tra Ta Ta"

Tra Ta Ta is where the sisters daydream about what life would be like if they were animals and to be free with nature with the fishes and insects. Halle sings, "What if we were all birdies?/ And we could freefall into the branches of life's tree/ And days would linger swinger/ So fly fast past our wings/ And we would feed on the flowers/ Sweet no sour/ Through the hours/ Flying towers", and then Chloe x Halle both say on the chorus, "Tra, ta, ta, ta, ta, ta/ Tra, ta, ta, ta/ (It's all okay)/ Tra, ta, ta, ta, ta, ta/ Tra, ta, ta, ta/ (I'm all okay)". Then Chloe comes in with her verse singing, "What if we were all fishing?/ And we found our Nemo down deep below no digging/ The treasure of gold hidden in our soul unlocking/ And we'd find precious pearls all in the sand/ And we'd all smile cause we can". The song ends with the girls saying, "Fly away on a dragonfly's back/ All I ever wanted is to be happy/ Fly away on a dragonfly's back/ All I ever wanted/ All I ever wanted".

Up All Night describes the enjoyment that Chloe x Halle get with their night-time hustle with the lyrics, "Til the wee wee hours of the morning/ Till the sun spread from the sky I call it dawning/ I'll be singing with the owls and floating on stars/Flying with the bats and dancing in the dark". Then Chloe says, "Call it whatever you want to call it/ Nearly floating in space and I'm falling/ Call it whatever you want to call it/ But when you get your sleep, you know it'll be/ I be working, working/ I be working, working". The sisters tell their listeners on the chorus, "I'll be up all night/ I'll be up all night/ I'll be up all night/ I'll be up all night".

Click here to listen to "Lucky Leaf"

Lucky Leaf is where you can see a vision of your dreams and then go and try to achieve your goals. Halle begins the song with, "I am you/ See the illusion of me touching the moon/ I grab out and take it/ Call me thief, I steal it/ I'm gonna steal it, it's now mine/  Don't have to owe noon and hide/ It's what I took don't have to ride/ The train away from town tonight". Chloe and Halle harmonize on the chorus, "Lucky leaf, I caught you/ Red handed in my hand and then froze you/ Suspect convicted out of the branches you throw/ Will you be the lucky leaf, lucky leaf, l-l-l-l-lucky leaf/ Lucky leaf, lucky leaf, lucky leaf, lucky leaf".

 Click here to listen to "Lulla-Bye"


Lulla-Bye is the last song on The Two of Us. Chloe speaks on the first verse with, "It's never quite easy/ To say goodbye and let go/ But I promise there will be/ A new tomorrow/ So, as the day falls/ And the night rise/ Help me sing you to sleep/ With this lullaby", and the girls sing gently saying, "Lullaby, lullaby, I, hi, I, hi, I, hi/(Lullaby, ohh, by)/ Lullaby, lullaby, hi, hi, I, hi, I, hi/ Lulla, lulla, bye/ Lulla, lulla, bye/ Lulla, lulla, bye/ Lulla, lulla, bye".

I love Chloe x Halle's music, man! These are some talented girls straight outta Atlanta, Georgia, honey! I can put this mixtape of theirs on repeat if I want to because it's so good. I just wish that some of the songs were a little bit longer like Too Much Sauce, Used to Love, Partna, Chase and Mistake. Overall, I give this mixtape a 10.

Make sure that you listen to The Two of Us on YouTube, SoundCloud & Spotify or buy it on Google Play & Amazon Music:

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