Wednesday, August 8, 2018

9 Best Ariana Grande Songs So Far

I am counting down the days until Ariana drops her Sweetener album! We have exactly nine days until Sweetener is released! But until then, let's take a look at some of the best songs that Ariana Grande has released so far in her discography:

1. No Tears Left to Cry

Everybody has to have a comeback song for their comeback album. So why not, Ariana Grande? Oh my gosh, man. When Ariana first released this song, I was so overjoyed! It was the first new music that I had heard from Grande in a long time. I have literally put this song on repeat on YouTube. This is one of my favorite songs by Ariana that I really love!

2. Dangerous Woman

I loved Ariana's last album Dangerous Woman and the title track for the album is very sultry. This midtempo song is so addicting. And the music video for it was amazing. You can see Grande sing an acapella version of this song in her latex bunny costume right here:

3. The Way featuring Mac Miller

The Way was Ariana's first break into the music business. With Grande vocals being compared to that of Mariah Carey's to the sweet whistle tone sounds near the end, I think that The Way will forever be one of Ariana's signature songs. Did you know that Garnde can sing track in Spanish? You can watch a video of The Way (Spanglish Version) down below:

4. Problem featuring Iggy Azalea 

I loved how Ariana channeled retro music using a dance-pop infused with R&B elements on the lead single from her sophomore album My Everything titled "Problem" featuring Australian rapper Iggy Azalea. The lyric video along with the music video has that throwback feel to it when you watch it. This is so Ariana Grande bringing the same throwback that did with her "Baby I" music video back in 2013.

5. Into You

Grande goes back to using EDM with her dance-pop song Into You. The disco beat, sharp clicks and lyrics is what makes you wanna get up and shake what your momma give you! Hey!

6. Break Free featuring Zedd

Ariana first used electronic dance music for her second single title "Break Free" featuring Russian-German music producer Zedd. I recommend that you check out both the lyric video and the music video for this song. It is out of this world!

7. Bang Bang featuring Jessie J and Nicki Minaj

This all-female anthem Bang Bang featuring Ariana, Jessie and Nicki was so on point. It was the first collaboration for all three of these talented artists. The clap-heavy production and how each singer had their own part is what makes this song so irresistible.

8. God Is a Woman

I loved God Is a Woman along with the lyric and music video for it. How the trap production worked really with this song and also Grande using her voice to mid rap certain parts of the track. And the layered voice of Grande to make it sound like a gospel choir was so angelic. 

9. Love Me Harder featuring The Weeknd 

Love Me Harder is a slow R&B song with some elements of synth-pop music added to it. The way that Grande and The Weeknd (yes, that is actually how he spells his name. No kidding) each sang their verses in a very seductive way was so good. And the music video is even sexier with Ariana rolling around in the sand striking some very sexy poses for the camera.

Make sure that you pre-order Sweetener now and check out some of the new merch added to the Official Ariana Grande Store while you're at it:

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